Sunday, November 25, 2012

Plaid Tidings

We are going to my home state of Florida this year  for Christmas and  I really wanted to get a jump on  Christmas decorations so we could enjoy them before we leave.    

Saturday I went into the attic (recently organized with the help of my son) to get  the dining room tree and managed to get it up and decorated.    I think this is the earliest I've had a tree up.  What a joy it was to go into the attic and find the exact things I was looking for!  My resolution now that I'm retired is to be way more organized!   

I removed my Thanksgiving tablecloth and decided rather than coming up with a completely new  tablescape I would use some of the same basic elements from that table for a Christmas table.

Collecting has been fun over the years and now that I have many seasonal dishes and tablecloths it is easy to just change a few things for a whole new look.

I started with a red tablecloth and 
 used the same lantern, candlesticks,
greenery, topiaries and brass chargers that were on my Thanksgiving table. 

I removed the turkey and replaced him with a sweet little bird to go along with my cardinal dishes.

I switched out the candles for Santas that I found at a thrift store for 50 cents!  I just added a Christmas candle ring where the amber ones had been.

I needed something to replace the oranges and I found a pine cone garland in my stash.

I added a few plaid ribbons to the topiaries for extra color.

The dishes were found at an antique store and were less than $10 for all four.  They are from Cracker Barrel and I love red cardinals and holly.

The brass chargers were from an estate sale and the twig chargers from one of my favorite stores..Pier One.  

The plaid placemats were on sale as well for 50% off and the tablecloth came from a thrift store.  I really didn't spend  a lot on this table since almost everything was on sale or second hand!

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  1. Great transition! We retrieved part of our Christmas from our warehouse today. I have a few more Thanksgiving items to store, and the fun will begin tomorrow. Haven't committed to putting out everything this year, but we'll see. Happy decorating! Cherry Kay

  2. Hello Sonia!
    You got a good start, I don't blame you for wanting to have it up so you can enjoy it!
    I love those cardinal dishes, so pretty!
    I wish I was as organized. I have bin after bin, half I don't use anymore. I really must purge and get rid of things!
    Have a great week!

  3. Nice job! Your table is beautiful and the fact that you got it all for nice prices makes it even better.

  4. Very nice! I've been trying to organize each year when I pack things away. That said, my attic could use some work in the organization department. LOL

  5. Your tree is beautiful! Love the topper. Your table looks pretty too; I especially like the cardinal plates.

  6. Gorgeous tree and tablescape, Sonia! It nice to have the Christmas spirit going on before you leave! I love those pretty dishes!

    Safe travels!


  7. What a great transformation! It was interesting to see how different everything looked with a few changes! I love your cardinal dishes, what a lucky find! I love that sweet little bird, too. I finally have a tree to put in the dining room this year, but I've got to get some lights for it. I'm so excited to have two trees this year! Have a great Monday!

  8.'s all so pretty! Love that skinny tree. Love the table with all its layers. I hope to start on my decorating tomorrow.

  9. Your table scape is gorgeous! I love your cardinal dishes. The tree is so pretty, all your Christmas decorations are very elegant and beautiful.

  10. Your tre is so beautiful, what a great decorating job...I know what you mean about collecting so many I have to thin it your Christmas plates...

  11. I'm glad you showed the transition. Both your Thanksgiving table and Christmas table are lovely! What do you serve in the turkey? The reason I ask is that I saw the same turkey in our second hand store the other day, and contemplated buying it. We always host 18 for Thanksgiving, so I was thinking of serving my homemade applesauce in it. I hope you have a nice week, and enjoy your trip to FL!

  12. These dishes are sooo pretty. I vowed no more Christmas dishes... but i may have to reconsider. Love love them. I love that you used some of the same elements. It's a lovely lovely table.. xo marlis

  13. Beautiful tree and table. Love the plates and chargers.

  14. Beautiful table! Those cardinal plates are so pretty...perfect for a Christmas table.
    I love to see what others have found in thrift is amazing what one can find for almost nothing.

  15. Your table is beautiful! Love the plates. Enjoy your time in Florida. The weather is fine right now :-)

    Jocelyn @

  16. I love Cardinals and your Cardinal dishes are so cute. The lantern took on a whole new look with the change of surrounding scenery. Lovely table. Dianne

  17. Oh I adore your red cardinal and holly-rimmed plates! What a bargain too! They are beautiful paired with the plaid!


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