Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Conservatory and Cloche

I love using what I already have in new ways.  When I purchase something new I try to determine if I will use it often and if it will work well with other things I own.   My little conservatory usually is put away during the winter months but this year I thought I would make a little vignette for my table and leave my conservatory out year round.

  I have been wanting to create a winter village inside but I probably won't find all the little details to complete it for this year.  I decided to use what
 I had handy.

This picture reminds me of window shopping.  I love window shopping in little downtown areas...Carmel is one of my favorites to walk along at night and look in the windows.  The lighting is soft like candlelight and the colors seem so much brighter.  

I'm not finished with all my Christmas decorations yet..and my conservatory vignette is subject to change..but thought I would share what I came up with today.

The little snowman candle was a gift as was the candy cane plate.  

I just used a simple white votive in one of my crystal glasses for more candlelight.

The little wire cloche was purchased at an antique mall for $2 and was actually in the shape of a little pot.  When I saw it ..I saw a wire cloche in the making.  I just stretched it into
 a little cloche.   

I used this sweet little bird nest
that I have out for spring/summer in my hutch.  I added a berry candle ring to give it a Christmas look and topped it with the wire cloche.  

I love the natural look ....let heaven and nature sing!

Hope you are enjoying decorating your home and finding new ways to use what you already have.   Have fun!


  1. Its beautiful! You did a great job. Blessings!

  2. You have a delightful display...and it reminded me that I have something similar downstairs that I could use!♥♫

  3. How pretty! I have a conservatory too. Love it so much that I thought about asking for another one for Christmas. It's just so easy to make them look really special. You've definitely succeeded.

  4. How sweet Sonia! I love it! That's such a novel display!

  5. How stunning this is! I'd love to have one. It is decorated so nicely...I especially love the wire cloche...I have a thing for them! I can't wait to see the rest of your home decorated!

    Happy Holiday, Sonia!


  6. A nice use for your conservatory. So festive.

  7. I love things like the little green house. Its such a nice piece of decor and as you have shown it can be used year round, not just in the spring or summer. Very nice. If you have time to visit and follow along I would really apprecitate it
    Thanks for sharing :)

  8. HI Sonia! Oh this is so pretty! I wouldn't even have thought there'd be enough air in there to keep the candle lit. It's so warm looking! I have come so close to buying a little conservatory similar to yours several times but I always tell myself I don't need it...which I don't...but I do WANT one! lol I love the birds on yours! So cute!


  9. Very Pretty~ I love the little touches you added inside your conservatory. The village idea sound amazing, too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love your little conservatory- so many possibilities! Love, ~Nana~

  11. Love your conservatory and your vignette. Very pretty. HPS, Nancy

  12. Oh how beautiful that turned out. I love decorating like this, and it reminds me of store windows as a child. Love it so much.

  13. Oh how beautiful! I would never put that conservatory away!

  14. Lovely in every way! Beautiful nest and natural elements...makes simple items look so elegant!

  15. I love the natural look, too! Let heaven and nature sing .. indeed! Lovely post. Happy Happy and a Merry Merry to you!

  16. This a thought! How do I use something I also have and make it look as wonderful as this. You have given a creative way to use the conservatory. Thank you for sharing your ideas! Happy Tablescaping! Pam


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