Monday, September 6, 2010

Vintage Kitchen Commercial

 I  love vintage things and the older I get the more I appreciate the things my mother and grandmothers used in their homes.  Most everything back then was made in the USA.  I am now collecting several makers of dinnerware made in the USA and specifically California.    

This past weekend I helped my son ( he does web commercials) with a commercial for a new product called Batter Blaster.   He's doing this for fun as part of  a competition.  Batter Blaster is such a fun product and delicious too,  it's literally pancake mix in a can and you just squirt it onto a pancake grill.  ( Like a Redi-whip can)  No mixing and no mess!  What houswife wouldn't love that....I already sound like the commercial -and no I'm not getting
 paid to say that!  LOL


He wanted to film in a vintage 1960's kitchen.  My neighbor is a real estate agent and had told me about an adorable home she has listed ....complete with a vintage PINK kitchen and she was nice enough to get approval  for him to use it for the shoot. 

 The kitchen just made us smile when we arrived!  Not often do you see a pink kitchen and  we were in awe that it is original.   I felt like I had been taken back to my granma's kitchen, complete with the speckled formica countertops.  The dishwasher may have possibly been added in the 70's ...but it was pink too!  Even the sink was pink!

All the appliances were in working order...check out the pink stovetop with push-button control panel!  Too cute!!  

The pinkest oven I've ever seen!!

Of course I couldn't wait to do a tablescape with vintage dishes and accessories..I appointed myself the Prop-master and my son  and I had a blast shopping for the proper vintage kitchen accessories.  
I took him to my usual bargain stores and we found everything we needed for a vintage 1960's kitchen within 2 hours.  I think our grand total was less than $50.00 for everything we purchased. 

His friend Heather looked adorable in Lucy-ish polka dot dress and apron.   The perfect little housewife...I just love those pearls!

White Sheffield  dinnerware  (made in the USA) graced the breakfast table.  I bought an entire set for $5.00 at Goodwill.  We were able to find a vintage syrup dispenser for a few dollars at an antique mall.   I found the vintage tablecloth in an antique store while on a trip to Florida last year.  The dining chairs
 were $25.00 for both...I'll resale them in a garage sale.  LOL 

Old metal canisters, a pyrex Americana bowl,  an  old 1960's cookbook for $1 and mixer complete our staged kitchen.    

What fun we had...I'll post the completed commerical when he finishes the editing process.   


  1. What an adorable post, loved all of it! Beautiful table and I'm sure you all had fun:@)

  2. That was so much fun to read about. I just love that old pink kitchen. Too cute. My daughter would die for that kitchen. She loves pink and vintage too. I know you and your son enjoyed so much getting everything ready and making the commercial. I can't wait to see it. Great idea for a new product. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. That looks like so much fun. I am so in love with that Pink Kitchen!! Oh my I would love that.

  4. Sonia, how fun this all looks girl..oh I do love it and my mama had a pink kitchen while I was growing up..this could be her's..This was just awesome it to death..Hope your having a fun Labor day without the labor ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ your fun blog and I'm your newest follower..come by and see me..

  5. How fun! And even more fun that you got to help with all of the props!

    I did try the product once and thought it was awfully oily. Maybe they've worked out the kinks?

    - The Tablescaper

  6. How fun! You must have had the best time doing this! You got everything down to a T! The pinkness in the kitchen is amazing! Someone has really taken care of this appliances. How funny the cooktop only has three burners! Love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. My husband might like that canned pancakes. He is really into pancakes these days.

  8. Oh how fun! I love that tablecloth! Our last house before we moved to this town was a big brick ranch, built in the 50's. The kitchen had pink metal cabinets, a pink stove and the walls and ceiling were large, pink glass tile. For the first year we lived there, we did it all up 50's style. Then, I couldn't take it anymore and we tore the entire thing out, put up drywall and put in an entirely new kitchen. It was fun for a little while!

  9. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh my gosh...what fun!!!'re fabulous vintage table is going to be famous!!! You did a wonderful job recreating the look and feel! Wow...can you believe that fabulous 50's kitchen...all outfitted in pink! That's sooo awesome!!! I love it! I think your tablescape...the dishes and table linens is perfect!

    Okay...who would have ever thought that you could just squirt pancake mix out of a can right onto the griddle? That's really an awesome idea...I love it! Sure would be quick and easy...and no mess! Hehe! I'm always into that!!! Loved your son's friend...she looks so pretty in her vintage polka dot dress...and she has the hair-do to match! Many best wishes to your son and his commercial! I think it's fabulous! Thank you for sharing the experience with us...AWESOME!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...just read your sweet note! Thank you, sweet friend!!!

  10. How fun was that! Good luck with your son's product.

  11. Oh, Sonia! This had to be a blast! The shopping and the shooting of the commercial! I can't wait to see it. Love that stove, it matches the dishes! How retro!! Fabulous post!

    Happy TT Tuesday!


  12. Your vintage tablecloth is a perfect match to go with those very cool pink appliances! I've never seen them in pink before! Boy, someone has take very good care of that range, it still looks brand new!!
    How fun to make a commercial, and that pancakes in a squeeze bottle is a great idea! Your son's friend Heather looks perfect for the part in her polka dot dress, just need a little kid with some syrup on his chin!!

    Fun Post!!
    Hugs, Sherri:)

  13. I once rented an apartment with huge pink stove, it had a double oven, I loved that stove! I still miss it. Such a cute post...I have heard about that pancake stuff, haven't tried it yet.

  14. I enjoyed visiting your blog--first time I think but I see familiar names here. Just loved this post--such fun to read and see the great photos you did. The pink kitchen was so cute it almost made us forget the pancake mix but that is an amazing concept too. All the best to your son in this venture!

  15. Sonia, that must have been fun working with your son...and to do a vintage table in an actual pink kitchen. I am not a fan of pink, but I love that tablecloth, it is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Sonia,

    What a fun shoot and post for you to do! Love all that pink! So retro and cute!


  17. What fun! That kitchen is just unbelievable. I couldn't help but think there is a turquoise version out there somewhere. You did a great job with the retro tablescape too. I bet batter blaster will be a big hit with college kids.

  18. How fun is that! Love that pink kitchen! Have a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  19. That kitchen is a hoot! Vintage retro all in one! So enjoyed your post!


    Please stop over before tomorrow night and enter my giveaways!

  20. Oh my goodness...the pink kitchen appliances are just so cool and they look to be in fabulous shape for their age.

    I know you had a blast putting all of this together..what fun! and that batter blast looks like a winner. :0)

    I'm visiting for PiNk Saturday..I'd love for you to drop by for a visit.

    Stephanie ♥

  21. Oh my goodness. I want that Kitchen. How adorable!!1 I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for sharing.

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  23. Now how much fun is this!!!! Just adorable. I wouldn't want a pink kitchen but I sure hope someone who loves, loves, loves vintage comes along and buys this house! Not sure about the Batter Blaster, but if it tastes like real pancakes I might be willing to try it. You and your son did a great job! And that polka-dot dress...too cute!

  24. congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.

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