Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sweet Autumn Clematis Garden Walk

The start of fall is just a few days away and my favorite season!  Pumpkins, pansies and mums just make me want to stay outdoors all season.   The colors of autumn and falling leaves find their way into our home and make us more cozy.    

Scarecrows go up and my fall garden cleanup begins.  We prune,  remulch flower beds and Mr. Bloomers over seeds our yard with fescue.  I love a green fescue lawn edged with a pansy border- but it's still a little too early  for pansies here in Oklahoma.

Backyard hydrangea and impatient border 

In the meantime,  my Sweet Autumn Clematis vine is in full bloom and covers several fence panels in my backyard.  

I just love this plant!!

It's hard to believe this huge vine started out  3 years ago in a  4" pot with a tiny little start in it!  Talk about getting my money's's almost twenty feet across now!!

I love the faint sweet fragrance..and the perfusion of blossoms, it's not overpowering but just a nice surprise as you get near my back fence.  

This clematis is a show stopper as a backdrop
to my annual flowers.

I have read that parts of the plant are poisonous so I would be very careful if you have small children or pets.  My dogs don't bother it at all, as it grows up a fence out of their reach.

(View from outside of fence) 

This clematis is propagated by I'm going to collect seeds this fall and grow them next year...what a nice garden gift to give someone who loves plants and I would like to have it growing in several other places around my garden! 

My morning glories are blooming as well...I really have to keep them in check or they are very invasive.  I have a couple spots in my garden where I just let them grow.  I think the deep purple is my favorite..but heavenly blue is a nice variety too..and of course they reseed easily! 

My chives are in bloom with pretty dainty white

My rose of sharons are full of blooms and

and my climbing rose is still blooming~next year I hope it makes it to the top of the arbor!

Spiders are everywhere...getting ready for Halloween!  This web is fairly large...and so is the spider who tends it!  We have to be careful they can spin a web overnight right in front of our doors!

Orange Trumpet Vine

I am excited to see pumpkins arriving in the produce sections and my favorite pumpkin patch is almost open!  Fall to me is spending time with family, the smell of pumpkin pie and cinnamon,  watching football and sitting in front of a warm fire...yes

fall is in the air!

I'm linking with Susan's Outdoor Wednesday, go by and visit, she has a lovely tribute to our MIAs and POWs who served our country! 

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  1. What a beautiful garden full of blooms. It's been so hot here that not much color can be seen in my garden. With the cooler mornings though I'm out there working to get things ready for some fall plantings. So much to do. I'm in awe of the clematis. It's huge. I've not had any luck with clematis. I should try again. Will it totally freeze back this winter?
    Thanks for sharing your garden with us. ~ sarah

  2. Beautiful flowers and great photos! I need to get some mums soon to add some color to our yard. Everything else is already gone for the season.

  3. Everything is so pretty. We planted a tiny climbing Morning Glory this year and it is now huge...really huge, but never one single bloom:(

  4. Hi Sonia..

    Your flowers are so pretty.. it must still be warm where you are too.. We are breaking all sorts of records in NC this year as we are still in the 90s and my crepe myrtles are in full bloom..
    A good friend of mine has a border collie and she;s training him in agility.. They must be an extremely smart breed..
    Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment on my blog..

    Happy Fall

  5. Hi sweet friend...

    Ohh my...your yard and flowers still look gorgeous! Girlfriend, everything is waning here at my place. It has been so dry. We water every morning and evening and everything is still drying up. You know, I have never seen a Clematis in person. Ohhh my goodness, yours are gorgeous! I couldn't believe all the flowers that you have! Your morning glories look so pretty as well! My friend, you and your honey definitely have a green thumb! Thank you for sharing more of your fabulous gardens with us!

    I also took a peek at your precious Lady Bug picnic! Girlfriend, that is adorable! I just love those cute little ladybug plates! You're so talented!!!

    Well sweet friend, thank you so much for coming by and taking a peek at all of my autumn decor! You know that I always enjoy your visits and sweet notes! You always make my heart smile, Darlin'!

    Love ya,

  6. I'm back for another garden stroll after going to my Garden Club meeting today. You have a lovely garden! ~ Sarah

  7. Hi Sonia! It's so sweet of you to check on me. I do absolutely love my new job. Of course, it's very time consuming and blogging has gone by the wayside. I'm hoping to participate in the party that Shelia at Note Songs is having soon.

    Your garden is stunning! I saw my morning glories blooming too. Also, the trumpet vine that we dug out last year has resurrected itself. I love the blooms on that plant but it's so messy!!

    I'll be back by to visit very soon. :)

  8. Your yard and flowers are simply beautiful!

  9. Your yard is so lush! Your flowers are gorgeous! Great photos!

  10. I bought my first clematis and it up and died on me after producing two blooms. I was so disappointed! My morning glories didn't even bother to come up. So I'm loving your pretty yard!

  11. That's it, I have to go out and buy another sweet autumn clematis, your pictures have just pushed me over the edge! How beautiful! And why (and how) did I manage to kill such a lovely plant? ;-(

    Your morning glories are so pretty too, I have planted them over the years, but our frosts come so early that all I get to enjoy is the leaves for the most part. Thank you for letting me enjoy yours!

  12. Your yard is beautiful...I love all of your flowers, that Clematis is one I have coveted for a while now. I was unsuccessful starting it from seed. The purple morning glory looks like Granpa Ott's, I grow that one and it sure will take over it you let it. Nice post!

  13. I have the same clematis but this is its first year. I look forward to it getting big and spreading out as yours does.

  14. Sonia, the Sweet Autumn clematis is gorgeous! It's amazing it has amassed to such proportions already! I wonder, is it hardy in zone 3?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend!

  15. Sonia, This is a lovely post. I like both the fall aspect of your vignette and the tour of your yard and garden. You have lovely borders in your backyard. Your sweet autumn is amazing!!! Love that beautiful white arbor that your rose is climbing on too. Happy Autumn, Sonia!
    Blessings, Beth

  16. You have a beautiful yard and garden--thanks for the tour! :)

  17. so many wonderful pics, i can smell the clem!

  18. Your yard is gorgeous. I am glad you showed me the Sweet Autumn Clematis growing in Oklahoma. I had heard it was very invasive and was a little scared of it but yours is beautiful. Looks like it is worth a little yearly trimming.

  19. Hi girl! I'm here looking at your pretty garden posts today. I was working out in the yard today and started thinking about how pretty your pictures always are. Hope you are having a good weekend.


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