Sunday, May 31, 2009

Outdoor Wednesdays-My Favorite Lake

Thanks again to our hostess Susan at A Southern Daydreamer, make sure you check out every one's outdoor posts this week. I always enjoy seeing what everyone shares! I am posting pictures this week from my favorite lake in California.

I love Lake Tahoe, California and look forward to going with my family every year for rest, relaxation and just to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We go boating, hiking and golfing and no matter where you look you can see the beauty in nature from our Creator.

Emerald Bay

From the shore of Emerald Bay

One of the oldest structures around Lake Tahoe.

The Rubicon Trail is an easy trail and we also enjoy hiking up to the falls.

A view from the Spooner Lake Trail near Lake Tahoe, another easy hike.

Sunset view from our condo at South Lake Tahoe.

Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday!


  1. That is some amazing scenery. I've never been to Tahoe, but seeing these shots makes me see what I've been missing. They are just beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing and Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Sonia! A gorgeous place...looks perfect for resting and enjoying the quiet! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  3. What a beautiful place to relax and recharge. Gorgeous photos, the sunset is just amazing. Kathy

  4. Sonia, they are all just beautiful. Love the water pictures!! Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  5. Sonia, how beautiful are those waterfalls!!! What an amazing day enjoying all of that "Mother Nature". We live in such a beautiful world...Thanks for sharing and I'll be watching to see when you get your ottoman slipcover done, Ha!, Ha! xoxo~Sweet Up-North Mornings...Thanks for stopping...

  6. What amazing scenery. I especially love the sunset. You have taken beautiful photographs in a beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. Oh how very pretty! I wonder if swimming is allowed I dont think I could resist........

  8. Very pretty! I love the California side of Tahoe too.

  9. Lake Tahoe is an incredibly beautiful place!

  10. What beautiful pictures. Good for you doing all those sports.

  11. Wow, isn't nature stunning! Thanks for sharing these amazing pics with us.

  12. Beautiful pictures!! I love all the evergreens. I have never been hiking but would love to try it sometime. This sounds like a wonderful place to start!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!


  13. Wonderful photos - I love Lake Tahoe! It's nice to see it so clear and beautiful. When we were there last year those horrible fires were burning and the air was just awful. This is the true beauty!

  14. Hi Sonia! I missed your post on Wednesday. Are you at Lake Tahoe now or are those pictures from another trip? It looks beautiful!

    Was Canton fun? Any good treasures? Some of my friends are dying to go this summer but I know all too well that it will be blazing hot down there!

  15. Hi Sonia...

    I just wanted to stop by to say thank you for coming over and leaving me the very sweetest note on my water tablescape! Girl, you just made my day...I sure do appreciate it!!! You're so sweet!!!

    Wow...Lake Tahoe is gorgeous! What a beautiful place to vacation at...I loved all of your photos!!! Can you believe that old stone building with the sod and grass growing on top of it...that's just awesome! Loved seeing the beautiful waterfalls too...ohhh, God did good when He created Lake Tahoe! Hehe! It looks like you had a marvelous time...I'm so happy for you!!!

    Also, I looked down through your red maple post too! I think that the red maple is my favorite tree as well! Of course, red is one of my favorite colors sooooo...hehe! I keep telling my honey that I want one...maybe next year! All of your little red maples look like they're doing really well! I wonder if it grows fairly you know? Just curious!

    Well Darlin'...thank you so much again for your visit! Have a great weekend!


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