Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Outdoor Wednesdays -May Flowers

This week my garden is starting to blossom everywhere I look! All the rain mixed with sunshine this past week has coaxed my little friends to finally show themselves. Here are a few pictures of some of my easy to grow garden girls!

Perennial mallow-reseeds easily and doesn't need staking! Sweet pink flowers appear in mid -May. In the background is a nice climbing rose I have had for blooms again in the fall and smells wonderful.

The oakleaf hydrangea is just starting to flower..I just love these white spikes in full bloom! My plant has taken several years to establish but well worth the wait.

Above- Spirea with fluffy pink clusters of blooms...

and a real favorite of mine-perennial geraniums-'Johnson Blue' is the variety...I have had these plants for over 10 years and divide them every few years to keep them going! What a easy plant to grow. This is one of the earliest bloomers in my yard.

Santolina with fernlike gray silver foliage is a pretty plant even after the spring flush of yellow flowers are gone.

My 'Nikko blue" hydrangeas are loaded with blooms this year...I love cutting them and making flower arrangements with these beauties. I should have plenty this year for cutting and drying!

Our Oklahoma state wildflower is the 'Indian Blanket' so showy, bright and best of all -reliable.

Have a great Outdoor Wednesday! Thanks to our wonderful hostess Susan at A Southern Daydreamer. I'm on my way to check out all the beautiful posts!


  1. Hi!
    Beautiful flowers in your garden! Love your state flower, it's really pretty! Have a great day!!


  2. This is so lovely! It's absolutely GORGEOUS. Love your garden. Wish mine looked this good!

    Happy OW...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Your garden is just amazingly beautiful! My favorite are the Nikko Blue Hydrangeas. I just planted them in my backyard too and hoping it would turn out to be like yours!

  4. Hi Sonia,

    I now know how your blog got it's name!! Your garden is gorgeous~I can only imagine what it will be showing off mid~summer. ;-)

    I really like the perennial mallow. I wonder how it will do in zone 5. I'll have to look it up.

    Have a wonderful week and Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  5. What lovely 'bloomers' you have! Thamnks for stopping by! We'd love to have you join us on Bloomin' Tuesday. Jean

  6. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Sonia! The rain has brought your blooms out! I try to remind myself of that when I get weary of the spring rains!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  7. Your yard is so pretty! You are a talented gardener. Have you had rain in the last few days? We've had some..just a little.

    Have a wonderful time on your trip to Canton. I know you will! I haven't been since last April. Just love it there!

  8. Beautiful flowers, and your state flower is one of my favorite. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Your flowers are beautiful! I absolutely adore hydrangeas, but have never been able to get them to grow big and gorgeous like yours. We've just moved to our new home and I hope to have a perennial border with flowers at least half as nice as yours. Thanks for coming by my site, this is all so fun.

  10. Your garden is beautiful! Love all the flowers! Very colorful. :)
    Happy Wednesday!

  11. What a delightful garden. Thank you for sharing it. laurie

  12. What wonderful pictures of the flowers in your garden. The flowers and the pictures are beautiful.

  13. Just lovely. The oak leaf hydrangea is interesting. I've seen it in catalogs but never in anyone's garden. I'd love to see the whole bush!

    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts


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