Thursday, January 13, 2022


         I love growing amaryllis in the winter.  When it's freezing outside and I can't "garden" outdoors I turn my attention to indoor houseplants, especially my amaryllis bulbs.  They are so beautiful and are easy to grow.


I put mine into storage a little late this year but should have a succession of blooms from January to March.  After they bloom I cut the flower spike back and let the leaves grow during the summer in my little greenhouse.  They don't need a lot of water and I'm careful not to get the tops of the bulbs wet as they are susceptible to rot.  They do benefit from monthly fertilizer during the summer months.

I cut the leaves back in the leaves back sometime in October and put them in storage for 8 weeks in a box in my garage.  I repot them in fresh soil and  like to cover the soil with moss to give them a nice finished appearance.  

                        Stargazer and Samba

I ordered a few new varieties this year from Brecks and got those potted up a couple weeks ago.  They have already grown and each have two flower stalks.  I purchased a Stargazer, Samba and Double Aquaro to add to my collection. 



I have grown Alfresco, Hot Lips, Red Lion, Amalfi, Dancing Queen, Apple Blossom, Christmas Star and several Minerva.   



If you haven't tried growing amaryllis I highly recommend them especially if you live in a cold climate.  They can really brighten a cold winter's day!



  1. You have such a lovely collection! I have not had luck with them coming back, I just put in the garden and forget where they are, saw 3 yesterday, as naked as the day you buy them...

  2. Sonia, they sure do! They basically make my winter garden with their big and bold flowers. I love yours in the flow blue container. I have one that is nearly the same. Blue and white with red is so pretty.~~Dee


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