Friday, May 28, 2021

Rainy Spring!

I can't remember such a wet and rainy spring and my plants are loving it!  The temperatures are below normal and it's been so nice to work out in the garden between rain storms. 

The plants I chose for my new flower border have really performed well and are blooming.   Good old standbys like Supertunia bubblegum just bloom all summer long  and are so easy to grow.  I tend to love pink and purple flowers mixed with  lime green foiliage so I planned the border around those colors. 

One of the new plants I chose is 'Cherry Bell Campanula' and  it is supposed to be a perennial in my area and a good spreader.    I hope so because it's a gorgeous color and full of blooms.

We are supposed to get thunderstorms later today and possible hail!  I don't mind storms but hail is so destructive and I can't cover up my garden.  I do protect my patio pots and crossing my fingers the weather stays more calm today.      


  1. Be grateful for your rain, our drought is awful with temps over 100 this weekend it just gets scary 😞 look how lush your garden looks!

  2. Your flowers are so pretty. It is cold here and another day of rain, but next week it will clear up and warm.


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