Sunday, April 18, 2021

Spring Flowers

 I've been busy in the garden cleaning out flower beds, pruning and planting new annuals and perennials.


Our frost date has just passed so it's supposed to be "safe" to plant.  My goal is to get everything planted by the end of April however we are supposed to get down to freezing again Wednesday morning so I have stopped planting but still have three flats of assorted annuals and perennials to put in the ground. 

I will be dragging out sheets and covering new plants and since it's only going to briefly get down in the low 30's everything should be fine.  

 Here in Oklahoma we frequently have late freezes in the spring and then before we know it the weather gets very warm.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Here are a few photos of my garden this past week.   Tulips are still blooming!

Sherbet Tulip blend

Angelique Tulip

Snowball viburnum


Mixed border

Variegated Weiglia

Crossing my fingers the weatherman are wrong!  Happy Gardening!


  1. What a beauty your Angelique Tulip is. Many lovely flowers, but I am partial to the red columbine.

  2. How absolutely beautiful your gardens are with all the colorful flowers! :-) Hope it stays warm -- but not too hot -- for you to enjoy all the loveliness. Thanks for sharing! Best, -Beth

  3. Loving all your color, those columbines look so vibrant!


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