Saturday, March 27, 2021

Spring Days

Spring is here and I've been outside in the garden cleaning out flower beds and planting cold hardy perennials and a few spring annuals.

My daffodils and tulips are blooming and they give me such joy.  My hubbie and I planted over 200 tulips last fall and don't know if they are going to finish coming up as we had a very bad arctic blast just as they were emerging.   The tulips I planted two falls ago are blooming but they aren't as prolific as the first year blooms.  Thankfully daffodils multiply and reward me with more each year. 

Avanti Daffodils
My azaleas took a hit and are brown but the leaf tips are budding out with fresh new growth.  I will have to have patience as some of my plants have been here for years and I don't want to prematurely rip them out.  Fingers crossed they will come back with fresh new leaves.

We completed our first spring chore of resealing our stamped concrete patio.  I choose a higher gloss this time and I love how it turned out.  

I put a fresh coat of paint on my butterfly bench and found the accent pillow on Amazon.

Spearmint heuchera with red blooms

If you have never grown heuchera or coral bells I highly recommend you try them.  Last year I purchased three watermelon, three spearmint and two citornelle varieties.  All of them made it through our -14 degree cold blast and handled our 95 plus summer last year and look amazing already this spring.    I'm so impressed with how well they have done in my garden I went out and purchased 6 more varieties.  They are my new favorite perennials.

Citronelle Heuchera is a lime green that looks amazing in the shade garden and paired with pinks and purples.

Above is the Watermelon heuchera.  I love the variation in the color of the leaves and the sweet pale pink blooms are so pretty.  

Watermelon Heuchera (last summer)

I went plant shopping and was able to find most of the plants on my wish list.  I will have to wait for the warm season bedding plants to arrive at my nursery and I'll make another plant haul or two.   

Happy Spring!  



  1. First I have to thank you for your front line service, how wonderful are you to step away from retirement to help others!

    Your patio looks great, we are laying pavers today, I got my shot yesterday and I have a super sore arm, I can't wait to feel normal again so I can really dig in and work!

    Love your butterfly bench and pillow, I almost bought a red one for my greenhouse to come, but thought wait and see when its done!so I'm envious 😉

    Your temperature extremes are other worldly... I bought coral bells last year, they are looking puny right now, hope they perk up with the warmer temps coming next week. I just bought ten caramel coral bells, Lowes puts plants on clearance and got them for a steal, MY KIND OF SHOPPING!

    1. Thank you ..oh those caramel coral bells are gorgeous! I purchased one small one at Lowe's this weekend!

  2. It's always so gorgeous in your gardens, Sonia!!


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