Saturday, October 19, 2019

Feeling like Fall

We finally have fall weather and I love this time of year.  Oklahoma temperatures wane back and forth from fall to summer with a quick freeze mixed in just to taunt me!  It's such a challenge for gardeners.  I haven't planted any outdoor fall plants yet but did manage to make a little bouquet with some grocery store sunflowers and mums for Mom's bedside table. 

Fall is my favorite season and I wish it lasted for so much longer!  The rich colors, smells of cinnamon and pumpkin spice make our home so cozy.  I did light the fireplace once when the temperature dipped down into the thirties.  I managed to get most of my patio plants moved into the greenhouse for safe keeping and still have some rearranging to do to make it easy to water everything
 this winter. 

I waxed and sprayed some pumpkins to deter the squirrels from munching on them and hope I can get them to last until Halloween.  

I'm planning on decorating the front porch tomorrow and getting some tulips in the ground.   

Happy Fall!


  1. How lovely! I'm so glad you've been enjoying beautiful weather in your flower-filled gardens, Sonia. I'd love to see your greenhouse these days. Thanks for posting! Best, -Beth

  2. I adore fall to, it lasts a couple of months here, at our last house peak color was right about two weeks from Xmas and by then nobody wanted to see my pics of reds, oranges and yellows when they all moved onto green and red! I have a few stout sunflowers blooming now that were self sown from the birds, I took a pic yesterday, it was smothered in bees looking for a late season snack!


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