Friday, May 17, 2019

Perfume Bottle Vases

    I love repurposing things I've had for years.
My Mom gave me a collection of perfume bottles years ago she purchased when she lived in the Middle East.   I haven't used them in years so I decided to put them in my garage sale and not one of them sold.  

I was packing things up and I realized they would be perfect little bud vases and that I could turn something I didn't use anymore into things I would use all the time.

I love how they look in my window sill and since they only hold a few flowers they are easy to change out.

Our roses have bloomed so well this year and and I'm so happy with my little "vases".


  1. They look so cute. A great idea.

  2. I'm sure you are very pleased now that they didn't sell them in your garage sale! They look lovely and it is so nice that they were carefully collected and passed on to you from your mother. I love the continuity of family objects.(Take a look at Andelli Art on my Miss Cellany blog to see the home of an avid collector!)


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