Monday, March 19, 2018

Greenhouse 101

I have longed for a greenhouse for many years but just couldn't find a kit that I really liked that would fit into the border space I had without having to move 
sprinklers and shrubs. 
We also wanted something affordable
 and attractive that wouldn't overpower
 our garden.    

My hubbie is not a carpenter by trade so he wanted a kit that didn't require special tools.  Anyway, after searching the internet we finally found and agreed on a gazebo style that fits the space.  Though it's not that large, it has lots of vertical space that will allow for six foot tall shelving.   My goal is that it be big enough to hold my patio pots in the winter and allow me to start seedlings in the spring.    

We still have little details to finish.  I'm planning on painting the wood base the same color as the frame and finishing with landscaping the space around it.   I can't wait to purchase wire shelving and start seedlings this week.   

I'll keep posting our progress each week.
Happy Spring! 


  1. We were just talking about this a couple of days ago. Would you mind sharing where you found this beauty?

    1. Stacey we found it at Costco..but I think Target and Home Depot also carry it. Made by Palram. I think you need one! :)

  2. Sonia, how exciting! And I can totally relate -- I got a very small greenhouse last fall, and am still in the process of trying to figure out how to keep it together (the panels kept blowing out until I wrapped the whole thing in plastic), regulate the temperature, etc. Haven't put anything in it yet; I've been adjusting the window auto vent, and just bought a small heater last week. I'm sure a greenhouse is quite useful in mild winters like in Oklahoma, so yours will probably be a great addition to your garden. And it has a very pretty shape too. Best of luck in filling it with plants! Regards, -Beth

  3. The pink Flowers os very beautiful. Have a Happy week Sonia.

  4. Oh wow, I LOVE this!! I would like a small greenhouse and have been trying to figure out what will work best too. I was thinking of attaching one to the side of the shed when we build a new one. I've seen that on Pinterest. But I really love this cute shape! Now you have me thinking again...

    Have lots of fun with it!!


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