Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Fever

This time of year I'm just itching to get in the garden and plant flowers!  April 15st is our last frost date in Oklahoma City so I have at least three weeks before it's "safe". 

Late frosts are common here so I do try to resist the urge to plant outside but I do start planting hardy annuals in pots in March. 

Forsythias, geraniums, stock and lettuce look great in a pot together.  They are easily moved in the garage or covered up to protect from the cold. 

While I'm waiting I love to go back and look at my garden pictures and remind myself what worked or didn't in the past growing season.

I have tried and steady plants that I always go back to each planting season because they do so well.   Lady in red salvia is one of all time favorites.  This drought tolerant plant can take heat and blooms all summer long and is a hummingbird magnet. 

Impatiens,  johnny jumpups, moneywort and  
stargazer lilies  are planted
 in one pot and give me color throughout the season.  

Patio pots filled with herbs and annuals. 

Window boxes planted with moneywort, impatiens and sweet potato vine in the shade 

and geraniums, moneywort, lantana and
 verbena in the sun. 

This week my daffodils are blooming along with my 
tulip magnolia tree.  

 I can hardly wait until April 15th!  Yes, I've got 
Spring Fever!

What are you planting in your garden this year?

Happy Spring!

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  1. Your garden is really coming along nicely. How wonderful it will be. Last year I went 4 days before the frost date in Missouri and planted 4 Hydrangea bushes that were burnt by the frost. Our date is April 10th!

  2. It looks like you are just about ready to start planting -- an exciting time of year! It's such a good idea to review last year's photos before getting started. Thanks for reminding me to do so. Best Wishes for a lovely, flower-filled springtime! -Beth

  3. Hi Sonia! I've been mia for awhile. Tulsa here, don't know if you remember. But yes, I've been itching to get in the dirt too. I was ready to go at it and was disappointed that I had to wait so long on that frost date. We all know how crazy OK weather is so I go by the frost dates too. Every year I say I'm going to get salvia and every year I forget. Yours looks good! All your flowers are beautiful! Our daffodils up here are already done blooming and dying off. I started a garden journal a few years back. I don't have vegetables, I use it for all my flowers and it's been a big help! One thing I see now that I need to add to my journal is flowers that I want to try... then maybe I'll finally remember salvia this year, haha! Happy flower planning!!


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