Monday, September 5, 2016

Monarch Migration

The monarchs are starting their fall migration and my little pollinator garden is doing it's job.  I was so excited this morning to find the first caterpillar on the milkweed I planted this spring.

This is a variety of swamp milkweed.  In previous years I've only planted tropical milkweed but I prefer the swamp milkweed since it's a perennial.  It's all about making the garden low maintenance and low cost.

 The pollinator garden 
 is behind our home on the neighborhood greenbelt across the street from the lake.   
We have lots of wildlife and we do not use any chemicals in this area. 

This orange trumpet vine is a favorite of bees and hummingbirds.

Sedum Autumn Joy 
is almost in full bloom and a 
monarch favorite during fall migration. 

Sweet clematis vine is just starting to bloom and the bees love this vigorous plant.  It's very easy to grow and can be somewhat invasive but can be kept under control 
with a few early spring prunings.

The blooms are so pretty and smell 
so good!

Hyacinth Bean Vine is another easy to grow vine from seed.  I love the color of the blooms and the hummingbirds do too.  They have been visiting this plant almost daily since it bloomed.  Although this is planted next to my patio so I can enjoy it, I do have one planted on the greenbelt and it's doing 
well in full sun. 

The plants I choose to grow there have to take hot summers and be drought tolerant. 
I do hand water the plants a couple times a week when the temperature is above
 90 degrees and I use leftover grass clippings and mulch to keep the plants 
from drying out too fast.   

Monarch on my privet in the spring.  
They do like privet blooms in May as they
 are migrating north. 

I am hoping to see more monarchs as the migration gets in full swing however the reports this year say the count is low again.

I hope everyone will plant a few milkweeds in the garden each year and eliminate the use of chemicals.  
We all need to do our part to help these wonderful butterflies!   


  1. Hi Sonia, your photos are beautiful! And your header and background are stunning!

  2. So beautiful and exciting. I found Monarch caterpillars on my tropical milkweed this week. They had stripped it clean! I picked them up and took them to a friend's house where she has tons of milkweed. It's so exciting to help these little critters. :)

  3. Hey girl! LONG time no visit...and I am not surprised that as usual your photos and story are beautiful! I love the butterflies...hate the caterpillars damage. It's a love hate with me. lol Thanks for the visit to my sparse little postings...:) I just can't get my poop in a group these days!


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