Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Garden Walk

This week brings more bloomers in the garden.   May has brought wonderful weather this year.   The temperatures have been a bit cooler and everything has gotten off to a great start!

On my garden walk today, the morning glories have started putting on a show.   I love these purple flowers and although the vine can get out of hand I still grow them. They reseed easily and I just pull out any volunteers that I don't want. 
A package of morning glory seeds is the gift that
 keeps on giving!


White flowers are so pretty in the shade.  I really need to add more white in my garden.  These 'Forever' hydrangeas really make a beautiful statement and brighten up the space under our redbud tree.   I think some hostas would be great as companion plants and I have them on my list for garden additions this year.  

The white lavender in the background is 'Alba' and is planted in a sunny location.  It's now in it's  fourth growing season and is producing lots of stems for cutting.   'Alba' doesn't have a strong scent but is pretty in a mixed border with other flowers and I mix the flower buds with other lavender to make sachets.   I grow my lavender in raised beds with other drought tolerant plants that 
need good drainage.

The tropical milkweek and 'Provence' lavender are
 so pretty together and I'm still waiting for more Monarchs to arrive in my pollinator garden.  I am seeing many more bees and other butterflies this year which is a very
 positive sign.  This year as soon as I see a caterpillar I will cover the milkweed with a small screened enclosure to insure their survival.  

You can help the Monarchs too by planting milkweed in 
pots or in your garden. 


  1. This is so beautiful and I love your plan for the Monarchs. ♥

  2. Your morning glories are well ahead of mine. Mine and the trellis they climb have a roof overhand so they don't start to grow until I start water! I think I'm going to gather more seeds for another area as well.

    So many pretty plants, I need more sun! Any recommendations for shady areas?


    1. I am adding more variegated hostas to my plant list for my shady areas.

  3. Sonia, that white Hydrangea is gorgeous! I think you're right, it might look stunning with some hostas -- they have kinds with white stripes or edges on the leaves. Together with some white impatiens or other annuals, it would make a lovely picture. I'm so glad you're enjoying such lovely blooms in your gardens these days -- thanks for sharing them! -Beth

  4. Everything is beautiful. Great tip about covering plant with a caterpillar. Hope I have one too. I've really gotten interested in butterflies this year and have lots to learn.


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