Friday, January 31, 2014

Favorite Fabrics

Last week while running errands I thought I 
would check out Hancock's January fabric sale.
I've been wanting to recover my dining room
 seats  since we inherited my mother-in-law's 
Thomasville dining room suite several years ago. 

(Baby shower- 4 years ago)

I know ...right?  Several years ago is  now almost 5 years!  Time passes too quickly!  My mother-in-law had them covered in a yellow silk (which may have been original and can be seen in the above picture)  and they were fine but the bright yellow just didn't do anything for our dining room.  I've found several fabrics over the past few years that I have liked but nothing that I was just really in love with
 enough to purchase. 

Obviously,  recovering them was not on the top of my to do list and I love yellow so it wasn't bothering me that much and I prefer to wait for that right fabric.   I found these fabrics on Pinterest and just love all the colors and patterns together. 

I'm sure I won't use the exact patterns above but this is the style I'm after.   These fabrics remind me of Carmel-by-the Sea and some of the  beautiful B & B's we've stayed in over the years.

Seven Gables Inn

  I thought I would check out the fabric sale this week since I was already in the neighborhood and I really did  need to recover my kitchen desk chair.   

I couldn't find anything hanging on the fabric roll displays that I liked so I went back to the end of the bolt tables and literally started digging for buried treasure.   Priced at only  $5/yard I could have really gone crazy because the selection was incredible.  I used  great restraint and only bought 3 end bolts of different fabrics for the huge sum of $27.68.   There is enough fabric to cover 11 chair seats with some leftover.   I had decided at the beginning of the year to start adding new fabrics and provencal prints to my home as I replace things or redecorate an area.  

I was excited to find a soft jacquard with a gold pineapple pattern for my kitchen desk chair in the bargain area.   The color is subtle and looks wonderful on the chair and I love that the pineapple is the symbol of welcome.  

I found the exact fabric on the
 internet for $26/yard at Amazon when I got home from Hancocks. 

I did a real happy dance when I bent down and saw a bolt of fabric with just the right colors for my dining room chairs.   I gave the bolt a giant tug as it was buried under dozens of other fabrics...but after I wrestled it out I was SO in love with the pattern and the colors.  It reminded me of  the Morris historic wallpapers and fabrics I have admired.   I was praying that there was enough fabric to cover all eight of my chairs.   There was a little over 3 yards and for only $15 I thought  I would go ahead and get the bolt as  I could always use it somewhere in my house.    It had been marked
 down from $59 a yard!  

Once again I found the same fabric on the
 internet for $46 a yard.  Score since I only
 paid $5 a yard! 

The fabric is a brocade and quite heavy and should wear well for dining seats.  There is also a Waverly pattern that is quite similar

Waverly Ballad Bouquet Sepia

I also love this pattern and have a runner 
I use in my dining room seasonally. 

My husband was impressed at how great the 
chairs look with the new fabric.   
I need to get out my little birdies and redecorate
 my side table for spring.   

This picture was taken after dark so will have to get a better picture when the sun comes up of the 
entire dining room.

  The  problem is now I need to change
 out the dining room valance.
I am saving the leftover fabric in hopes of 
making a coordinating valance.

One thing always leads to another--
 but it's all good!  


  1. Guess I need to take a run to Hancock's! I love your fabric choice and how great they look on the chairs.

  2. Pretty, pretty fabrics, Sonia - they look terrific on your chairs. I love chairs where you can easily swap out the fabrics. Jane

  3. Finding the perfect fabric can be like looking for "a needle in a haystack" but you've really scored. I love all your fabrics. I could live happily with them for a long time.Your spring side table lifts the spirits for this cold January!

  4. Very nicely done! Love the fabric choices and the dining chairs look great! What a nice set of furniture to inherit. I'm sure it comes from the era when Thomasville was still only made in America and the quality is first class. Thomasville does great marquetry work.

  5. Very pretty Sonia and I love your Valentine table!

  6. Sonia, there are so many good things in your post! The William Morris fabric is beautiful and looks to be just what you need in your dining room. I also love that you are a thrifty shopper and crafter -- I save old valences and curtains too. You never know when you might need them again. Thanks for visiting me! I'm signing up to follow you.

  7. All your collections are wonderful and helps create a dream world within a home its an amazing creativity.and i would like to introduce some fabrics designed by my may like it.


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