Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lavender Farm & Vignette

Lavender is my favorite herb!  I love that it grows here in Oklahoma and with little effort.  It almost thrives on neglect and dry hot summers.   It is not without some problems and too much moisture and humidity can cause the plants to die so selecting the proper planting place in the garden is important. 

I have loved lavender for many years and have grown several varieties in my garden.  I love the look of Spanish lavender with it's pretty frilly blossoms, but it's not a great one for drying since it has short stems.   I have tended  to "over-care" for my lavender plants  and find that I can overwater  easily.   I now make sure I plant it in full sun and in the drier part of my garden. 

   I grow Grosso and Provence and the flowers dry very well and have the strongest oils with nice long stems for cutting.   

Country Cottage Primitives Lavender Farm

I love visiting lavender farms and have been to several in other states.  We are fortunate to have a wonderful farm just 30 miles from Oklahoma City.   A "lively" group of my friends took a field trip to our local lavender farm last week.  

Country Cottage Primitives Lavender Farm  located just outside Shawnee, Oklahoma boasts a darling gift shop, barn and workshop.  The lavender field is right behind the shop and was
 in full bloom for our visit! 


 The workshop was so much fun and we each made (or attempted to make)  a  lavender wand while the owner taught  us about the history, uses and 
cultivation of lavenders. 
She and her gracious staff  served us 
lavender lemonade, 
strawberry-lavender jam and 
lavender infused cookies.   Yum!

 We were each given clippers,  a basket and a quick lesson on how to cut and harvest the stems.   Armed with sharp clippers you make a cut at the base of the stem where the leaves begin on the plant.  
We each cut a lovely bouquet to take home. 

My bouquet included Grosso, Provence and Alba
 which is a white variety.   I was also able to purchase two plants of the white variety 
from the farm and 
plant them in my garden!
The bouquet in the herb vase, pictured below
 is  from the herb farm.    

The tied bundles were from two of my plants that I harvested when I got home.  I learned that I need to harvest the stems just as the buds are
 starting to open instead of waiting.  The bundles should then be hung upside down out of direct sunlight for two weeks for drying and secured with a rubber band.    I did finally end up with 5 bundles from my little plants.   I've added 4 additional plants and next year I will be ready for the harvest!  
   If I can get Mr. Bloomers to build me a few more raised beds I'm filling them with lavender plants. 

A couple months ago Mr. Bloomers and I were in Texas and we visited Becker Vineyards and their lavender field.   Becker Vineyards is located outside of Fredericksburg and they grow Spanish lavender.
The day before we arrived a Febreeze commercial had been filmed there.  This lavender is 
going to be famous!  

Becker Vineyard and Lavender

They sell wonderful lavender products in their shop and I purchased some essential oil and spray.   I use the spray on my bed linen and as a spritzer when I come in from the garden...very cooling and  refreshing.   I also spray my dogs with it since it's suppose to deter fleas but I think it just makes them smell better!  Lavender is said to promote sleep,  calmness and back in medieval days was even used for protection against evil spirits!

After harvesting my lavender I trimmed off the excess stem lengths and then cut them into smaller pieces.   All the leaves and stems went into a pretty lace bag that I had collected with some lavender seeds I purchased in Santa Fe.   The stems and leaves are very aromatic as well and I just add a few drops of oil when the scent fades. 

Blooms from my chaste tree compliment my little vignette.  I love the blooms from the  tree 
as it reminds of  lavender and lilacs.  

Chaste tree

My lavender tray stays on my vanity so
 I can enjoy lavender all year long! 

The simple joys in life!

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  1. Lovely styling. Isn't the Chaste tree pretty? We have three of them I bought at the end of the year clearance for $1.50 each...many years ago. They're huge now, and so pretty, but I can never get a good photo of the whole tree..one that does justice to it.

  2. Beautiful vignette, Sonia. I grow lavender but I should have placed it in a location where there are few other plants, so I don't get it too wet when watering the other plants. Thanks for the tip and I'll try to be careful with the watering. I have two small bunches drying in the kitchen. Wish I'd gotten out and cut more!

  3. I've always meant to go there but never have. I love the photos of lavender you took in your yard.

  4. Well, I'll be! I had no idea we had a lavender farm that close to home! I'd love to visit some time. I do believe you could grow anything you put your mind to! :)

  5. What a pretty post, all of your pictures are making me wish I was there. Hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs, Cherry

  6. Sonia, what a lovely post! I toured my first lavender farm, Keys Creek, in San Diego County, CA a few weeks ago and loved it! I'll have to look for them in other states too! I posted on my blog about Keys Creek if you want to visit there. Have you been? Happy Summer.

    1. Kathryn Keys Creeks sounds lovely...I haven't been there but will have to put on my list of places to visit! Thanks!


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