Thursday, June 13, 2013

Favorite Things

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things around my home and garden this week. 

My favorite red geraniums are in a favorite antique yellow ware bowl.   This bowl belonged to my great aunt and  I love my childhood memory of watching her make homemade biscuits when I would go visit  the family farm.  We couldn't wait until
 they came out of the oven!

This time of year when the hydrangeas are blooming is my favorite season for gardening. 
Our year has been full of  crazy weather to say the least and while the plants aren't quite as big this year, I still adore the mophead blooms!

Everyone loves this lacecap...'Frau Reiko'...what's not to love?   It's gorgeous and is among the most hardy of the varieties I grow.  The leaves are thicker and the stems much more upright and sturdy than other varieties. 

I'm on a mission to propagate these this year since they are very hard to find in nurseries or even
online.   I had started one a couple years ago and last year it did grow and bloom but didn't make it through this past winter.   I'm taking a dozen or more  cuttings and seeing if I can grow more for me and my friends.  Fingers crossed!

The oak leaf hydrangea is beautiful and mine is over 5 feet tall now.  It did take several years to become established in my garden, but so worth 
the extra effort.   

My french wire flower baskets are full of begonias and bacopa this year...flower boxes and baskets are always among my favorites!

Before the storms hit a couple weeks ago I took a picture of my arbor with all the roses in bloom.  The arbor and fence were gifts  from my hubbie and is definitely one of my favorite things in my garden!
The roses finally made it to the top and bloomed.

My front porch is another of my favorites...I love the rocking chairs my family gave me for 
Mother's Day a couple years ago! 

Red impatients are favorites in the shade and
 I love the splash of color they give to any area. 
This pot is sitting on a wire frog, a gift from a friend ...another favorite.

Hope you are enjoying your favorite things!

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  1. It all looks so beautiful. We lost alot in the storms.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  2. Thank you for a beautiful your of your garden! Everything looks so pretty and healthy! I'm in love with your arbor and the garden bed it's in. Awesome! I plant a lot of impatiens with all the shade we have, I wish I could try more varieties.

    Happy Summer!


  3. Your garden is beautiful. I love that hydrangea you shared. I once saw the lady from The Atlanta Botanical Gardens (she was killed in a plane crash) talk about rooting hydrangea. She said to use a clay pot with peat moss. cut a stem with a bloom, cut off the bloom and the lower leaves (cut the end 1/4 inch below leaves.)Dip stem in rooting hormone, then stick the stem ON THE SIDE OF THE POT. She said hydrangeas like to have something to grab on to. I did this and kept the pot watered. The next year I had a big pink bloom! Of course when I put it in my clay soil (Georgia) it turned blue, but it turned in to a very healthy shrub! Good luck with rooting some stems!

  4. Love having peeks of your garden. Your favorites are some of my favorites too. I sure do miss my oak leaf hydrangea.

    It is super hot here now - 98 today and we have severe water restrictions. Ugh!

  5. Lacecap hydrangeas have the prettiest flowers. I'm glad you shared your arbour with the red roses, they're gorgeous.

  6. What a pretty home and gardens you have!

  7. Beautiful! I always sigh with delight at the sight of your arched gate covered with roses.

  8. Oh...loved seeing your garden and porch. Just beautiful. All the rain we've had sure has made things look nice. I'm sure dry times are coming though.

  9. You have lovely blooms, i noticed mostly red, but that arbor full of red roses is the best.

  10. Your arbor garden is stunning, Sonia! Love your hydrangeas too. Do you use rooting hormone with your cuttings, or just take cuttings and root them in water? I have been wanting to propagate an azalea but wasn't sure of the best method.

  11. Hi Sonia....I love your header's just so charming! I think Frau Reiko is fabulous..good luck on propagating her! Love that arbor and the bed around it too...just beautiful!!! There's just so much to love in your garden!

  12. All your favorites things are beautiful. It is easy to understand why they are your favorites. Your garden is beautiful.

  13. Love your garden, it is beautiful...and I noticed we have a lot of the same tastes, lol. You now have piqued my interest with the lace cap local lowes/home depot have tons and a new red variety too! I was wondering how they faired and you said "hardy" so now I may have to grab some up..

    Thanks for sharing it!

  14. Hello Sonia,

    I love all of your flowers. The Hydrangea
    is my favorite. Thank you for sharing
    your photos with us.

    Bear Hugs,

  15. I love your garden tour and was intrigued by your Frau Reiko that is beautiful. I will keep my eye out for one because I would love to have one in my garden. I do like the thick leaves and white border with the serrated like edges. You have a green thumb I can tell. I love your arbor and white fence and your roses are so lovely. Your post caught my eye on Seasonal Sundays right away!

  16. Sonia,
    Thanks so much for stopping in!! Love the beautiful blooms and I adore those french wire window boxes!!


  17. That shot of the roses and white arbor was sublime. I too like hydrangeas. I wish they liked my climate as much as I enjoy them. I'm trying some new ones Proven Winners sent me. I can't remember the names right now. I'll let you know if they do well here. I think the Lacecaps are the loveliest. They just don't like my garden. Happy Bloom Day.

    Your yellow ware made me smile. My grand made biscuits in one too. Memories like these are the best.~~Dee

  18. Miss BLOOMERS, is right!!!! What a beautiful garden! I love the look of hydrangeas just coming to bloom too! It's so rainy here today... thanks for the virtual tour!

  19. Well I do adore your hydrangeas, but that white fence and arbor with the stunning red roses just took my breath! I've never tried to propagate any hydrangeas before, but I know another blogger who did, although I haven't heard how they have fared. I do well with the Endless Summer hydrangeas and the Limelights. I bought a Pinky Winky a few years ago and it's taking time to get established. The blooms have been vary lackluster. I love how you have scaped the entryway to your home and of course the nice rocking chairs for the porch! You have a pretty home! All the rest of your gardens look happy and healthy!


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