Sunday, December 9, 2012

Flurries Tomorrow!

I am not a snow person.  I love snowmen and looking at snow and cute little snow covered houses.  
 I just don't like being out or 
driving around in it! 

I grew up mostly in the tropics with the exception of Ohio and had very little experience with the white stuff  before coming to Oklahoma.   

I do like having all four seasons, just without ice or snow.
 As a child I remember my grandmother coming to visit us when we lived in Ohio and she made 
 snow ice cream with us! 

 I still remember how much
 fun that was!   
I was blessed with a wonderful grandmother who lived in Florida and was a true southern gal.

My father was in the Air Force and we got orders to move to Hawaii when I was in kindergarten.  I enjoyed living in Hawaii but I sure missed my grandmother!  

Hawaii was a beautiful place during the holidays and we lived there for four years. 
I grew up singing 
Mele kalikimaka and enjoyed 
all the 
 warm holidays!! 

 1963 photo of me and my brother in our yard at Christmas.  Note that the poinsettias have turned red next to the house.  I'm sure living in Hawaii has given me a lifelong love of flowers!

Flurries are on the way for us tomorrow and I am dreaming of a tropical Christmas where the palm trees sway!

Sandestin in 2 weeks!  I'll settle 
for white sand!
Are we there yet?

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  1. You know I truely miss the snow. I miss having the four seasons!
    I lived in Ky most of my life and we had just the right amount of snow.
    I lived in Buffalo New York for a year and they had way too much snow. LOL

  2. I love snow, I love everything about snow!!! We had some falling all day today, just like being inside a snow globe. It was glorious.

    Too bad it's not cold enough to LAST.

    We want a good foot on the ground which DOESN'T melt away and becomes the base for two or three more feet which STAY until April.

    But then - - - this IS Central Wisconsin and that's how it's SUPPOSED to be here.

  3. Oh I dream of snow which we don't get here in South Australia where I live. I remember the joy of growing up in England with the lovely stuff. I must admit though when I started work,I didn't enjoy waiting at bus stops in it. But of cause we only remember the good stuff.:) Merry Christmas

  4. Oh girl, I'd be socking in to get ready for those snow flurries and loving it!

  5. I'll say, "I love snow," but I know it's because I don't live in it. :) people here in central California complain if it rains for two days straight. I am an hour from Tahoe and go to the snow though :) Have a wonderful time in Florida!!! Take pictures. I have never been!

  6. We're supposed to get your snow flurries tonight in Ft. Worth. I'm ready for some cooler weather.

  7. The forecast is calling for 4 inches of snow, starting early morning, here in my part of New Brunswick, Canada, and I am still mourning the loss of my flowers from the summer! So, maybe I could squish in your suitcase?!

  8. I love the snow, and wish it would come, but a tropical vacation does sound nice. Cute pic of your and your brother. I can't imagine living in Hawaii. Joni

  9. My mom taught me how to make snow ice cream. The first step was "do not use YELLOW snow!" Thanks for sharing you blues.

    Happy 1st Blue Monday, Sonia.

  10. Hi Sonia, It was fun seeing and hearing about your Christmases in parts tropical! To live in Hawaii, talk about living the dream!!!! I like the looks of snow, but not cold and certainly not driving on slick roads! Have a wonderful Christmas in Florida. :0)

  11. We had a touch of snow today. Not enough to make ice cream tho. My mother used to make the best. I can relate to your entire post.

  12. And love that last picture is that Santa on the beach?
    Happy Blue Monday.

  13. I can remember my G'ma making snow ice cream 1 winter here in Texas too. :)


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