Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day and Butterflies

Yesterday was May Day and as I walked through my garden I couldn't help but notice hundreds of butterflies covering my privets.    

The wind was blowing furiously but they just kept fluttering from bloom to bloom.   

A few Monarchs were here but mostly 
American Lady butterflies, some bees and moths.

The privet smells divine and perfumes the backyard and obviously attracts nectar lovers!

What a joy it is to watch these lovely creatures.  They fight the elements...I was glad they had found a soft place to land.

My hydrangeas are almost in bloom.  What a show they will put on in a few weeks.

The oak leaf hydrangea is starting to bloom beautiful is this plant in full bloom.

I planted a new Japanese red maple off the patio for Earth day and planted a few begonias in the bed around it.  Can't wait till they mature and fill in.

I still have some planting to do but will wait till the winds die down.  Hopefully by Friday I'll be out in the favorite place to be!

Happy Planting!! 

I'm joining Cindy's Show and Tell Friday
Tootsie's Fertilizer Friday
Fishtails Cottage's Garden Party
Tablescaper's Seasonal Sunday

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  1. Your garden is just beautiful, Sonia! I have never seen so many butterflies at have the right plants! I plan to get some hydrangeas soon, I have always loved them and have put off getting them...lilacs too!

    Thanks for such a pretty post!


  2. What beautiful pictures! Can you tell me what kind of pretty bush the privet is that the butterflies love so much?

  3. Spring is a lovely time in the garden. Your flowers are lovely. xx

  4. I hope that you will photograph those hydrangeas, when they are in full bloom. I love them and I have not had much luck in growing them. Lovely garden and, oh, those butterflies!

  5. Such beautiful spring photos! I especially like the ones with the butterflies.

  6. Beautiful, Sonia. Love oak leaf hydrangeas as they grow well here. Mine are also in bloom right now. Your butterfly images are gorgeous. Not easy to catch them. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. Love the new header images! ~ Sarah

  7. Beautiful! would love to have you link up to this weeks garden party over here at Fishtail Cottage~xoxo, tracie

  8. aloha,

    monarch butterflies and beautiful flowers, make such an amazing display, you have a wonderful spring garden, thanks for sharing.

  9. We can not grow many varieties of hydrangeas successfully so I always enjoy the ones I like in a garden like yours.
    Thanks for sharing all the visiting butterflies.

  10. The Oak Leaf Hydrangea is beautiful. How wonderful to see so many butterflies flitting around your garden. Great photos.

  11. American Lady butterflys...I was wondering what they were called. Beautiful photos.

  12. Sonia, stopping by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

  13. Your butterfly photos are wonderful and I adore oak leaf hydrangeas. Such a lovely spring post!

  14. Gorgeous photos and flowers. The butterflies are amazing. We love our Japanese maples. Enjoy the week-end and Happy Mother's day to you.


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