Sunday, March 18, 2012

French Wire Flower Baskets

Spring is popping at all over in Oklahoma.  We've had warmer temperatures a little sooner this year 
(well we are the Sooner State) and the
 trees are already blooming
 and leafing out.

Redbuds are in bloom everywhere and I enjoy walking through the garden to see what is emerging from a winter's sleep.  I still have leaves to remove from my flowers beds.  I'll add some  amendments and  then I'll finish with a nice layer of  mulch in preparation of spring plantings.  ( I find it easier to mulch large areas first and then plant)

My flowering kale has grown tall and is almost in flower.  I love the color!! We've had a mild winter and some my annuals are coming back too, a nice bonus for a gardener!

The pansies and violas I planted in my french wire baskets survived beautifully but I needed to add a few more plants to replace some of the annuals.   I can view these from my kitchen window so I love keeping them full of color!

My neighbor and  I went to a seminar at one of our favorite garden centers yesterday and of course I couldn't leave without purchasing a few plants.  The magenta geranium gave the basket just the pop of color it needed.

The baskets last spring...

last fall...

and finally this weekend

I love changing them out for the seasons!

At the seminar we attended they suggested mixing osmocote into
 the soil when planting containers in spring.  Another tip was using soil moisture additives to help keep  containers from drying out too fast.  I did try them last year and they were
 a great help during
 our record heat wave.

I've also been landscaping around my new patio and I'm almost finished.  Still more leaves to remove ( we have  eight mature oak trees) 
 and then a nice layer of mulch. 
 I'll save the patio pictures for another post when things are looking a bit more settled. 

I was sore today from all the bending and stooping yesterday, but I love every minute I spend digging
 in my garden..well except maybe the moment I dug up a frog!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Your garden and wire baskets are looking beautiful.

  2. Your garden is so lovely, Sonia. I love all the colorful flowers. I see that you use iron baskets too, love them. I have them hanging on the iron fence...Christine

  3. So glad I have found your blog. Your containers and garden are lovely. I too am sore from yard work this week end, but so enjoyed digging and playing.
    Have a great week! I will be following you.

    -Kim :)

  4. Beautiful! I love the geraniums and will have to plant some this year. Your backyard is gorgeous, as well!

  5. How beautiful all of your garden is. The French baskets are delightful,especially the new Spring one. Such a pretty birdbath too with its fluted top.
    Happy Spring, You have a lovely blog I am now following'
    x jeanetteann

  6. Thanks for visiting. You have such a green thumb. I can make anything wilt!

  7. Your garden is charming!
    Many blessings,

  8. Hope your yard hasn't drowned in this rain. We got the yard mowed just before the rains started. Those were good tips you gave. I always try to use osmokote in my pots. It really does help keep them blooming.

  9. Sonia, Your containers are beautiful. Love how nicely edged your borders are too. I like Osmocote; it's what I use in the garden.
    Hugs, Beth

  10. I love the design of your wire baskets, so elegant. I know the colors and flowers of spring in temperate countries because my few travels there always coincide with spring. And i am really awed at the colors and variety. That is when i learned about snowdrops, crocus, muscari, violas and wisteria. OMG i miss these scenes. I wish to have some opportunities again.

  11. Great wire basket and so versatile to get to use it all year, I just love Spring too and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. I love your wire containers, isn't it so much fun to change them up! I also like that urn with the red geranium in it.


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