Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Garden Wish List

Do you ever make wish lists?  I don't actually write out a list but I do keep a mental wish list.  Spring is still a couple months away and I find myself wishing it was already here.   I've been looking at garden magazines, Pinterest and my own travel pictures for garden inspiration.   

Blue Bird Cottage, Carmel

We are excited as our annual "escape" from winter is just a few weeks away to our favorite places along 
the California coast.

 Pacific Highlands near Carmel

  This trip is always a source of inspiration for my garden.  I enjoy seeing the plant combinations and designs that gardeners create in their spaces and usually find a few things that go on my wish list! 

A visit to Carmel-by- the Sea is always on my 
wish list and I find so much inspiration there! 

Cyclamen in pots can be easily changed 
with the seasons. 

Half Moon Bay is another of
 our  favorite stops along the way. 

  Last fall we strolled along Half Moon Bay's historic district with it's quaint shops.  Flowers edged the buildings and store fronts along Main Street.  The town was preparing for their annual Pumpkin Festival so pumpkins were everywhere!

The prettiest potted containers lined the streets and these  favorites and went straight to the top of my wish list!  

Precious bunny topiaries sit as greeters to the entrance of a children's store.  I love the mosaic tile containers and the cute little blue bunny feet! 

Gorgeous hydrangeas at the base of this small tree.

These were outside our hotel entrances. 

I put this on my list too because I love it's simplicity with just  pumpkins at the base.  This was actually taken in Yountville last fall outside of  Napa Style..one of my favorite places to shop in the Napa Valley.  

What's on your garden wish list??  We have plenty of time to dream and plan 
and maybe make a few of our wishes a reality!


  1. Absolutely Grogeous! I can see why you are looking for your getaway. I am ready to start planting too. Blessings and enjoy!

  2. Well, that's it...I've got to schedule a drive down to Carmel in the next week or so. You've made me miss it and I do need some good ideas for winter flowers! Besides, I need to see my favorite charm bracelet assembler in Monterey and I've been lazy about getting there!
    Your trip is coming soon!

  3. I love Carmel, but we've only been there once. Definitely want to go back!

  4. You could write their travel brochures! I've never been to Carmel but you sure make it look good.

    My garden wish list this year starts with more rain! We did so much work and investment in our yard last year and it barely lived. Fingers crossed!

  5. The whole Carmel by the sea has always been on my wish list!

    Beautiful captures!

  6. I can understand your impatiens in waiting for the spring, these photos are so beautiful to really be always in the consciousness. We don't have snow, so we don't experience your winter.

  7. I saw a post about those quaint little cottages at Carmel by the Sea once before - perhaps it was your post, I know not. But I DO know it, and this current post make me want to visit there.

  8. What lovely captures of tones, nature and mood.

  9. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  10. Hi Susan am back, glad to know you were here in our country for sometime. I assume you were in the family of armies who were here when the American bases are still up here. I am glad there are a few of your group who has been telling me of their stay near Clark or Angeles. Subic is already easily reached now with the new highway, SCTEX, and is already developed also as a resort area. I hope you can come back again sometime.

  11. I wish that some year I would get organized enough to have gobs of tulips planted in the fall to bloom in the spring. I always forget. I'll be at Susan's on the 23rd. Thanks for taking us along on your magical journeys to Carmel. I adore Carmel, but we haven't been in a number of years. Cherry Kay

  12. Carmel looks so pretty. I love all the pots. On my wish list List more colour and to finish the garden renovations we are doing my poor garden looks horrendous at the moment.

  13. Your blog header is beautiful, and almost as pretty as your shot of the ocean! Love that little cottage also. Enjoy your getaway to Carmel! It sounds fabulous (and WARM!!!)
    Hugs, Beth

  14. I can see why you love your trip to the CA coast. Lovely...I too am wishing for spring already...strange weather this winter.

  15. I'm not sure whether my comment posted. In any case, your post is full of inspiration.

  16. I adore California gardens as well but sigh -- so many plants are not for our part of the prairie -- but I can swoon when I go (and I adore their rosemaries -- which they sometimes use as hedges!)

    Lovely pictures!

  17. I think Carmel has to be one of my most favorite places. I can only imagine the inspiration!

    Wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  18. I enjoyed your *wish list* ... so many beautiful things to pick from! I love January ... all the seed and plant catalogs arrive!!!!! :D :D

  19. We've only been to Carmel By the Sea once and loved it! We stayed at La Playa but looked at the little cottages by the sea also. Charming!

    As an avid gardener, your post has inspired me to try brining my Sansevieria outdoors this summer to put in arrangement like the one in your photo.

  20. It's been more than 20 years since I've been to Carmel but your photos made me want to put Carmel back on my wish list! It's so warm here in Georgia this winter that I feel like I should start my spring gardening now. The highs have been in the 60s for the past week and will remain the same this week too...

    I found you through Seasonal Sundays and I'm glad to meet your blog!

  21. I would have to add the bunny topiaries to my wish list, they are so adorable! I also have some maintenance on my wish list - I would like to limb-up some of the big oak trees to let more light into the garden. Loved the photo trip to Carmel. Beautiful town.

  22. I miss the beauty of the Monterey/Carmel area. The flowers, the coastline, the little cottages... Just so lovely. Enjoy your trip! We hope to get back to Cali this spring. :-)

  23. i love california... its so... HOME! you stay at bluebird, we always stay and hansel and grettle right next door. so cute to see.

  24. Hi lovely lady.
    Your photos of your of garden and Blue Bird Cottage so Beautiful.. My wish for this spring is all my Roes come back..
    Thanks so much for your comment on my Tablescape and my redo on my kitchen.
    I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  25. Hi Sonia ~~ What an amazing place to visit every photo was more beautiful than the last!
    Ah! Think Spring.
    Hugs Rosemary...xxx

  26. Nice to see flowers in the dead of winter! Beautiful!
    Here from Seasonal Sunday!

  27. Oh my, your post makes me wish for summer like right now! Carmel looks absolutely charming and I adored those bunny topiaries and the gorgeous urns you photographed. Thanks for this inspiring post and for your loving thoughts on my Winter blues. Happily following you back~Poppy


  28. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for becoming a follower! I love your blog! I do not have a green thumb, unfortunately. I love your dogs, too:)

  29. That is such a beautiful place to visit. I lived in CA for 16 years, and it was one of my favorites!
    I am dreaming of warmer days, the return of the little birds, and the first signs of tiny flowers!
    Hope you have a great time,

  30. I enjoyed this post so much! Those bunny topiaries are adorable! Have a great week!

  31. What a delightful little jaunt through the streets of Carmel. Is this the same Carmel that Clint Eastwood was once Mayor of? I live in Australia and would so dearly love to visit the USA but am housebound due to back problems. Thanks for sharing.


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