Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hummingbirds, Hawks and Heat!!

It's official we have beaten the old record of 50 days over 100 degrees in Oklahoma City.  The heat has been brutal and I have to make sure I change the nectar in the feeders every two to three days.  My little hummingbirds have been so active...an even a red-tailed hawk has been hanging around.  Mr T (our resident turtle) came out of hiding yesterday as our sprinklers came on...I'm sure he loves playing in the sprinklers like my boys did when they were little!!   

July 2010

 While most of my flowers are not flowering at all this heat has allowed  me  to notice the plants that have tolerated this summer heatwave and still bloomed. 
 Next year I am going to be sure and plant
more of these varities!    

Golden lantana



Lady in Red Salvia

Blue Daze


Hyacinth bean vine

(I have mine growing with a morning glory vine)

Shasta Daisies

(Source:  Perfect Places)

Sweet Potatoe Vine

(Source: Callaway Gardens)

 I would definitely say these are winners for hot, dry summers.

  I am looking forward to some cooler weather with fall  just around the corner...

it will be time to clean up the garden and plant  my beds with  pansies,  pumpkins and mums!!

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  1. I don't envy you with the heat. We have had some bad summers here but this year was rather ideal. It's good that you are taking note of the flowers that are still doing well and keeping them in mind for next year.

    A hawk...I hope you don't have any little pets. We have falcons all over our yard and I have to watch my little Layla constantly. She has the nerve to bark at them. They seem to prefer little baby squirrels though. Yuk!

    I hope you cool off soon, Sonia!


  2. My lantana and sweet potato vine are going crazy. They love this heat. I also love hyacinth bean but I don't have any this year. Beautiful pictures. I have been to Callaway Gardens. It is a great place to visit.

  3. Your garden is lovely, Sonia. All the flowers are so beautiful!...Christine

  4. All your flowers are beautiful. Thank goodness they love the heat.

  5. Sonia, these plants are lovely. I did not do any gardening this year for a couple of reasons, but I have been storing away names of plants and flowers for next season. These are going on my list. I do hope the heat finally breaks for you. My first visit here, but I will be back to explore some more. Visiting from Outdoor Wednesday. xo

  6. I can't believe you're heat. We're starting to get 70 degree weather here in August, when it's been really hot for us. We need rain too. You're flowers look wonderful and keep taking care of God's creatures!

  7. I will not complain again this summer. . .I cannot imagine that kind
    of heat! We have to look for plants that can survive below 20 degrees
    here in the west!
    Thank-you for sharing and have a great day!

  8. Winter was so long that I haven't complained much this summer either. We had the air on and was really concerned about the bill coming. Oh well. Enjoyed visiting your blog.
    Joyce M

  9. Hi,
    Hopped over from Outdoor Weds. Glad to have found your blog. I have a passion for gardening also. Can hardly wait to get outdoors each day. It's been over 100 here for the last few days. Hotter than usual. I know what you mean. Flowers are looking a little stressed. My sweet potatoe vine has gone crazy too. Love how it trails down our rock wall. Love pulling out the Fall decor also. Can't believe that summer is almost over. Hope you get some relief. Now a new follower.

  10. Hi Sonia...

    My friend, your yard always looks soooo very beautiful! I'm sure that even in the Oklahoma heat, your garden is lovely! It has been very hot here as well, although we haven't suffered temps in the 100's. I'm sooo looking forward to fall as well! You know, I have been wanting to grow lavender. I must admit, I haven't really checked with all the "in's and out's" yet so it's good to hear that it likes the hot temps. So it's best to plant during the fall? I assume by seed? It is just so beautiful and of course the scent is divine! I seen in your last post that you visited a lavender farm near you. Ohhh my...it's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Also, thank you for sharing your very own garden with us...and the tips for "heat loving" flowers.

    Well dear friend, I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I'm so glad that you came by the other day....I sooo enjoyed your sweet note! This has been such a busy summer for us and I'm afraid my visiting and blogging has suffered. Hopefully things will settle down a bit with the onset of Fall!

    Have a marvelous Monday, sweet friend!


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