Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Bloomers

Spring is here and I'm fast at work trying to get my yard cleaned up and replanted with annuals.  A few things have bloomed in my yard but at this time most of the color is from newly planted annuals.

Red petunias, sweet alyssum and purple cineraria

I have two of  these french wire flower box/baskets on a brick wall outside my kitchen window.   I can enjoy the colors of purple cineraria,  red petunias and sweet alyssum as I wash dishes! 

This flower box is on my patio and  filled with white margueritie daisies, purple wave petunias and a red geranium for a blast of color.   The petunias smell wonderful in the evening as we enjoy sitting on the patio!

A few other bloomers in my garden right now include:

Bridal veil spirea...covered in arching
 branches  full of white flowers.

'Lady in Red' salvia...a favorite of mine and the hummingbirds...blooms are summer long.

Red bud tree just finishing it's spring show.

Japanese Snowball Bush with it's lime green to white large an early hydrangea...I love this plant in Spring!

I am so happy my Spanish lavender survived the harsh winter and is almost in full bloom. 

One of my girlfriend's birthday was last week and I arranged a bouquet of  flowers.   Some of her favorite colors are lime green and purple so I only included those colors in the arrangement with a touch of white.

I started with limelight hydrangeas as the base then added some sweet white daises.  For accent the spider mums in lime green are perfect.   Asiatic lilies are so pretty in any arrangement and these had that touch of lime green color.  I added  a stem of Bells of Ireland as well.  Lastly for height, nothing is a
 pretty as blue delphiniums and a few
branches of curly willow!

Hopefully next week I'll have more of my garden to share..right now we are having a fierce windstorm...
that's Oklahoma for ya!

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Hope you have a great weekend out in your garden! 


  1. Your garden is looking lovely and it's not even in full bloom yet!! I love the combination of colors you have, especially purple and red. I got a lot of inspiration from your pictures!

    I read about the bad weather in Oklahoma. I hope you don't get hit too hard. We have rain coming all weekend. Ugh!


  2. Beautiful place! Have a great weekend

  3. Oh Sonia, your blooms are so beautiful. I hope they survive these horrific winds we are having today. Plus 38 degrees tonight, yikes!

  4. Your garden is looking so pretty, Sonia. The flowers are gorgeous. I especially love the snowballs, I would like to plant at least one here...Christine

  5. Hi Sonia,

    Your garden is looking a lot like Spring has finally arrived - very pretty. Your lime green arrangement is lovely.
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Hi Sonia, Hope you didn't get any storm damage. Love the Japanese snowball bush and Spanish lavender, as well as your French wire boxes! Very pretty! You and I have a lot in common; I note that we are both RNs and both like tablescaping and gardening. Also want to let you know I love your blog template and header. Very classy!
    Blessings, Beth

  7. Your pictures are just beautiful!

  8. Your garden is so gorgeous! My Fertilizer Friday Hope you can visit mine too.

  9. Love, love, love that garden! I just bought some big iron wall planters too--can't wait to get them up and plant some flowers and vines! Beautiful inspiration from your post. Have a great weekend.

  10. I love everything about your blog! The dish collection on the head picture, the french wire flower boxes, flowers, and with your flower arrangement on the top of the list! You are very creative, and LOVE LOVE the color combination and the plants choices in that arrangement.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and nice comments.

  11. Everything looks great, love all of the beautiful colors! Happy Weekend:@)

  12. Your flowers and garden are just beautiful...what I would give to have some green grass like yours :) I'd never wear shoes out there!
    Happy SS!

  13. Beautiful, just beautiful!!! I'm so envious of all you Southern belles who have Spring in full bloom already. We're still patiently waiting, although my hyacinths are up.

    I ♥ the Japanese snowball bush and Spanish lavender, as well as your French wire boxes! So pretty to look at in the distance!

    Like Beth, we, too, are very much alike...RN's, tablescapers & gardeners, although mine is limited due to space. DH keeps taking up all the room with his tomatoes!!! LOL
    I've enjoyed visiting with you this morning.

  14. You are busy in your garden and it looks wonderful. So lucky to still have your lavender. Well done!

  15. Lovely flowers. What a green thumb you have. I'm your newest follower.

  16. Sonia, I love those wire flower baskets, and how pretty they look plated with all of the bright summer colors. I am so glad to know about the Japanese Snowball bush. I've seen those and really liked them, but I didn't know what they were. I want to get one for my garden. Your bouquet for your friend's birthday is beautiful. Thank you for linking all of this beauty to Favorite Things. laurie


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