Tuesday, March 1, 2011

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers Part I

On our recent trip to San  Francisco I couldn't wait to visit the conservatory of flowers in Golden Gate Park.  The exterior of this grand building just makes you want to discover what's inside.

The building's Victorian details are just beautiful but for a plant lover like me,  the plants inside are the main attraction.  Each room in the conservatory houses a different collection of plants with similar growing requirements.

The huge tropicals in the center of the conservatory tower to the ceiling accented by the stain glass windows and ceiling fans for air circulation.

The floors have a beautiful and yet functional drainage system with groves cut into the intricate ironwork keeping the excess water off the walkways.     I love the motif in the floor medallion as we entered the main room.

Another large room housed highland tropicals...most of the orchids were in this room..a somewhat cooler yet very humid climate. 

The variety and colors of orchids were just gorgeous!  I really had a hard time finding a favorite but here are a few....

I love the shelves the orchids were displayed on...also you can see more of the ironwork on the floor that forms the walkway throughout the conservatory. 

From the Highland tropics another entrance leads you to a very tropical warm and humid climate.  The most interesting plants thrive here...

These plants have their own "pipe" for the collection of  water.  I think they are a variety of  the 'Dutchman's pipe'.   

My favorite room housed the Garden Railway which was really the most fun room!  I took so many pictures I will have to post Part II next week!!  Here's a sneak peek...

If you are planning a trip San Francisco and
love plants I recommend a stop at the 
conservatory in  Golden Gate Park.  

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  1. What a great place to visit. I want one in my backyard...lol. Thank you for telling us about it. I will put this on my bucket list.

  2. What an awesome place...it must have felt very tropical! I'd love to visit, myself. I love the orchids, do you grow any? I have heard they are a bit tough to grow. But I have been seeing them everywhere.

    I'm so glad you had a good time!


  3. Oh how beautiful! I love to visit places like this!

  4. With each new post I feel as if I'm on my own little west coast vacation. Thanks, Sonia! ~ sarah

  5. OMG! Simply gorgeous!! II haven't been there is about 30 years, it sure has changed...beautiful!!

  6. The conservatory is fabulous! Love the blooms you showed, especially the orchids. And I really, really, really love your header photo! It is stunning! That color - wow!
    Blessings, Beth

  7. Can I hang out with you here! What amazing flowers - would love to be there! Thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

  8. How divine! SF is my favorite city but I have never been there; will nest time for sure!

  9. O My! Pitter patter goes my heart!! This is an exquisite building and what beautiful treasures it holds. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Happy Pink Saturday!

    This is a place on my list to visit next time I am in this fabulous city. Both times I went was during the Fall.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  11. Ho lucky of you to have visited this awesome place. Everything is so beautiful. I love orchids so naturally they were my favorite....Christine


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