Friday, February 4, 2011

Fairytales and Flowers

There is a favorite place we love to visit in the winter...
Carmel-by-the Sea...with it's fairytale cottages, abundant blooming flowers and blue pacific vistas, we never want to leave!   Sadly that's not our reality but we are happy to "live" in a fairytale if only for a few days!

The Bluebird Cottage was our  fairytale "home" last week and I adore this charming little place.  It has a dutch door and opens right on to Ocean Ave...two blocks from Carmel Beach and walking distance to
 everything in the village. 

I have shared these window boxes before from a previous pretty with pink cyclamens in terra cotta pots.

Even in January while we are snowed covered in Oklahoma...Carmel has bloomers everywhere..window boxes and flower beds line the Ocean Avenue shops and inns.  It's a welcome place for a gardener as it will be several months before I see anything blooming in my yard. 

Ivy growing up the posts of a Carmel inn. 

The courtyard garden at the
 Lamp Lighter Inn... the white trellis is so inviting.

Primroses in such bright and happy colors!

Rock-edged flower beds along
Ocean Avenue. 

The Secret Garden the arched gate!! 

The garden patio at Casonova Restaurant voted the most romantic in Carmel. 

Additional dining surrounded by gardens. 

A view from the kitchen of the garden.... 

and a week later...

a view from my kitchen into my garden...
 thank goodness for fairytales and flowers!!

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Stay safe and warm this week ...we are still getting more snow!


  1. Oh my goodness! That cottage is direct from a fairy tale indeed! The whole PLACE is. You didn't happen to take pictures of the INSIDE of your cottage, did you?

  2. REALLY glad you got away from the cold for a bit! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Oh How Beautiful! In the middle of winter in Connecticut THESE PICTURES are such a treat! Thank you so much for sharing...
    Hugs, Donna

  4. I love Carmel though I have never spent the night there. That is on my bucket list. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for taking me out of snowy Oklahoma for a moment.

  5. This looks like paradise, Sonia! All the gardens! I'd be thrilled to stay a few days even in the summer! But, yes, it is a nice get away from the cold and snow!


  6. That is a quaint place you stayed in and the flowers are all so pretty and colourful.

  7. Sonia, Your title really sums up your post. It looks just like a fairytale, a place I imagine in my mind. It's all so charming, romantic, cozy and beautiful. What a shocker coming from that to this weather we're having here.

    I hope you stay warm!


  8. What an adorable cottage! I'm sure you had a wonderful time :-)

  9. Oh my goodness...that takes me back! We spent our honeymoon in Carmel 37 years ago next week and a bit. Our anniversary is Feb. 16th. We stayed at a hotel called the Jade Tree which is no longer there ina balcony suite overlooking the ocean. We have stayed at the LampLighter other anniversaries. Is the Tuck Box Tea Room still there? We always had at least one meal there. Thanks for bringing back such lovely such an appropriate time!

  10. I live about 2 1/2 hours east of Carmel, and go over a couple times a year. It's one of my favorite spots to visit in California! You have taken some great photos, and have really captured its beauty. There is nothing in the world like visiting however and I recommend it to anyone if you have the chance! Marcia

  11. Thanks for sharing. I have always wanted to stay in Carmel. We are usually in Santa Monica or San Fransico when we visit CA. Beautiful!

  12. These photos look like they should be in a fairytale book for nice. Read the post of about your son in FL. I know you are proud...I had to giggle because I'm in Tallahassee and Panama City is just a stones throw away and not one of my favorite places...I know I'm in the

  13. My husband and I went to Carmel by the Sea many years ago. We were on a business conference trip at San Francisco and we rented a car and drove there. I would love to go back and stay a few days.

  14. what a beautiful place to is like a fairy tale or dream setting...

  15. What a picture perfect postcard cottage, how adorable!
    I so enjoyed my virtual visit to Carmel today, merci beaucoup.

  16. Oh, that cottage is every little girl (okay, big girls too) dream cottage! How cute. this looked like such a fun place to visit!

  17. Oh, I am so envious! I've always wanted to take a trip to Carmel-By-The-Sea. It's on my bucket list. That cottage were you stayed is exactly what I want to rent when I go. All of those beautiful flowers and those wonderful cottages. Thank you for taking me along to see a place I've dreamed of going, and thank you for linking my dream to Favorite Things. Sorry you came home to snow! laurie

  18. From that first photo, I thought you'd gone to England! So.much.gorgeousness. Glad you had a good trip!

  19. Ahhhh, I haven't been there in years, but it's magical! Thank you for these gorgeous photos, Sonia! It's a very nice escape from snow & cold temps!

  20. what a magical place you stayed at.. Could I just move into the little blue and white cottage:)

    thanks so much for visiting me and leaving your wise words and good wishes..


  21. I guess we should be thankful to be able to get away even just for a week. Carmel is such a beautiful get away, a fairy tale indeed!...Christine

  22. What a wonderful trip before the bottom fell out.

  23. That looks so beautiful. Good for the soul after the terrible winter we are having! Glad you got to enjoy those flowers!

  24. What a difference in weather from wonderful weather back to gray, cold, wintry days. The Ground Hog says we will have an early Spring. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for good luck with that thought. Soon we will see glorious flowers like those posted on your blog.
    Joyce M

  25. it's places and posts like this that make a girl wish she could jump in and just live in the photos!!! what a fantastic place! thanks for sharing with us this week and for linking in to Fertilizer Friday with me

  26. This vacation was a real treat! Love that beautiful cottage and the blooms around the area!

    Your vacation was a fairy tale come true!

  27. Now that was a delightful surprise. I love Carmel. We honeymooned at the Del Monte Lodge at Pebble Beach. Such a romantic spot! Thank you for sharing your charming photos. Cherry Kay

  28. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. Carmel is only an hour south of us, we love to take long walks window shopping and then down to the beach! And, everyone loves our dog Maggie - every shop has a treat and water bowl by the door! I'm glad you could escape winter for awhile and enjoy a break and some romance!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  29. i love carmel to pieces, i used to live there so you singing my song~ casanovas my favorite too... oh fun fun fun to see your pics!

    we always stay there too, my favorite spot!

  30. Oh it looks so lovely!! It's hard to believe when you live in snow country there are actually places that have flowers growing this time of year. I'll try to visit Carmel sometime. For has to wait since I am at the otherside of the country. Thanks for sharing!!

  31. What a quaint and picturesque little town. Is this the Carmel of Clint Eastwood fame? I live in Australia and would dearly love to travel to the USA but am all but housebound due to back problems. Thanks for sharing your photos, I really enjoyed them.


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