Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Foliage in the Ozarks

When I first moved to Oklahoma I had previously lived in states with much warmer climates and never had the experience of  four distinct seasons.   Growing up in Florida, Hawaii, Texas, California and the Philippines,  I enjoyed fall but I really didn't notice leaves changing colors.  Now getting to experience all the seasons and sometimes their fury,  it is a real treat watching the fall foliage deepen in color almost daily!   We have some great areas of color here in Oklahoma,  especially near the Arkansas border.  The Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains are just stunning in the fall.

We travelled northwest through Tulsa and then across the state line and up to Rogers, Arkansas.  We spent the night in  Bentonville (home of Wal-Mart) which is approximately a three and half hour drive from Oklahoma City. 

(Historical home near Fayetteville, AR)

Just north of Rogers is Beaver Lake and a  favorite stop at War Eagle Mills farm.  This historical farm is just beautiful and was a resting place for the troops in the Civil War.  The red grist mill looks like it should be included in a pictorial calendar.  

The old wooden bridge only allows one car to pass at a time.  The river below is calm, clear and
 full of wildlife.

In mid-October it is host to a wonderful arts and craft fair which I have attended in the past but I prefer to visit when it is quieter and more serene just to enjoy the scenery.   

Just outside Rogers on the road to Eureka Springs we came across a herd of buffalo.  It was dusk so the pictures are a little dark but I thought how beautiful are these amazing creatures.    I never considered buffalo being beautiful but truly they were as they were grazing in their green pasture.   They even noticed me taking their picture!  

The following morning we awakened to perfect sunshiny weather and were greeted outside our hotel by glorious red sugar maples!  Can anything be more beautiful? 

Even the fresh fallen leaves on the ground were gorgeous to me!  

We headed south down to Mena, Arkansas in order to travel the Talimena Scenic Byway which starts in Mena and ends in Talihina, Oklahoma.  This is a favorite scenic drive to many especially motorcycle enthusiasts.  We travel by car but I can see why this is such a big attraction for those Harley lovers! 

Krebs is tiny little town is just past the end of the scenic drive and is well known for it's wonderful Italian restaurants...there's not really even a main street but there are some wonderful eateries.  It was the perfect place to stop and we enjoyed a wonderful meal before heading home.

Hope you are enjoying the changing foliage in your neck of the woods.  I'll be linking with Susan's Outdoor Wednesdays this week. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I remember so many times as a kid my parents driving us up to take the Talimena drive. We would often go to Robbers Cave too...have you been there? We've taken our children a few times. It is such a gorgeous drive, especially this time of year. I was hoping to go this past Sunday but it just did not work out. Your photos are beautiful! Many of them brought back so many memories. Don't you just love seeing the leaves change colors? Gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend! Sounds and looks like a wonderful time!


  2. Such great pictures of fall where you are. I feel like I took a color tour as they call it here in Michigan when you drive to see the fall colors.

  3. Those were gorgeous photo's. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  4. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for taking us along on this trip. You know we don't have color like that here in TX. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  5. Your pictures really capture the fall color. It has been 20 years since I have ate Italian food in Krebs. Fun times.

  6. Thank you for showing me a little bit of Oklahoma. I have a wonderful friend from Canberra, Australia who now lives in Tulsa and I have never seen the state in which she lives! Now I can picture her there and the weather just the way it is! I have moved too, up to Queensland, but still in Australia.

  7. What a great photo stream. We live in an area of conifers so our fall is no where near as beautiful as yours. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. I love Oklahoma! Your opening pic of Lake Hefner is stunning. It's such a great place to live, but I don't want too many people to know about it. We are so blessed to experience four distinct seasons...one year I was in California at Christmas time...it was just really lacking something...the glory of winter weather...and smoke curling out of chimneys throughout the neighborhood. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and for stopping by my post. Maybe we'll be shopping at Homeland at the same time. Cherry Kay

  9. What a gorgeous drive & scenery! The red mill looks like it belongs on a postcard~ so picturesque! I've never visited this part of the country, thanks for sharing your photos :-)

  10. Such a beautiful drive that would be with all the pretty fall colors.
    Our leaves have all fallen and yesterday we got a few inches of snow!


  11. I very much loved seeing your photos. Just a few more miles south and you can see our leaves on the ground. Your photos reminded me of how lovely fall can be.

  12. Thank you for being a part of Seasonal Sundays and taking us on a gorgeous tour of the country side, but I'm having a problem getting my jaw off the floor from your header photo. It is AMAZING!!!!

    - The Tablescaper


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