Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Los Poblanos Lavender Farm

On our recent trip to Santa Fe we took a little day trip to Albuquerque and visited the historical 
 Los Poblanos Lavender Farm.  What a treat for me as I love lavender and anything too do with lavender!  (Even Mr. Bloomers enjoyed visiting this historical farm) 

The tree lined entrance is beautiful and is a lovely greeting to the farm.  There is also a bed and breakfast and more extensive gardens that we found out you can tour by appointment, but the lavender farm and shop was open for visits.  

The parking lot is lined with large mass plantings of lavender that form a heavenly hedge next to a lovely little sitting area.  

The farm shop's aroma is intoxicating...even with the door open and little chickens running in and out the lavender perfumes the entire store!  

I love the architecture of the building and while Mr. Bloomers chatted with the most friendly and informative lavender gardener, I snapped a few pictures of this charming old building. (with his permission of course)

He gave us lots of information about how lavender was brought to the area by the Spanish and was grown along the Rio Grande where the farm continues to grow "Grosso" lavender for the strongest essential oils. 

I had to buy several gallon sized plants and he gave me growing tips as lavender likes well drained sandy soil..(in Oklahoma we have a more clay-like soil).  I am going to grow my new little plants in a raised bed specially prepared just for lavender and use a pea gravel mulch.

There are sweet little animals too...chickens, ducks and goats were in little stalls next to the
 lavender field.  

Los Poblanos has a lavender festival every June and right after we were there he said they were expecting thousands to visit that next weekend..(kind of glad I got there when there were no crowds)  

I enjoyed my visit and learning more about my favorite herb.  I came home with soaps, lotion and essential oils from the plants grown right there on the farm.  Such a simple luxury that I enjoy almost everyday!    

Another view of the lavender field.

To learn more about lavender and the farm I've included the link:

 I'm linking with Susan's Outdoor Wednesday and always enjoy seeing what everyone has to share.  


  1. I love the scent of lavender and I know I would enjoy visiting this farm! New Mexico is on our list of states we look forward to visiting one day. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  2. What a beautiful place Sonia. The photos are really lovely. :)

  3. I love lavender too. WONDERFUL place!!!Hugs, Fatima-Scrapart.

  4. Love your blog name:-) Thanks for sharing your tour of all the wonderful lavender with me. I find lavender intoxicating and the best thing is that it is so pretty too.

  5. ooooh I want to go next time!! Great place!

  6. I really enjoyed my trip to this great place through your lens. I would love to visit in person as lavender is one of favorite scents.

  7. The tree lined entrance is beautiful...I can smell the lavender from here...one of my favorite scents.

  8. I love the scent of lavender and would love to visit this farm. Your photos are great and thanks for the tour.

  9. What a fun visit! I also love lavendar and try to grow it in my soil. Is there any better smell? Joni

  10. I adore lavender too it's a magical plant to use for healing many ailments. The company I represent also grows lavender and I attended the harvest a few years ago. We stayed and worked on the farm for a week harvesting the lavender and distilling it for its precious oils. It was a life changing experience!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  11. You get to go to the best places! That is simply beautiful.

  12. What a great trip! I love lavendar as well. I have several different varietie gowing in my yard. It does well in our area...grows like a weed! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a marvelous outing. We, too, have lavender farms in our area and at this time of year they are in full flower and beautiful. Your photos are wonderful. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary.

  14. I have oh so wanted lavender but where we live is clay too. A few miles away is lots of sandy soil, but we live in a river town with lots of gumbo type clay. I wonder if I could grow them in pots and succeed. I don't think the raised beds would work for me....well...maybe. So do they sell their products on line?


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