Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flag Day

I was born on Flag Day so not only do I celebrate my birthday, but my patriotism as well.    We proudly fly the flag outside our home.  While on vacation in Santa Fe last week I snapped a few photos of our American flag along the way.  

This flag was one of many displayed along fence posts as we drove through
Angel Fire, New Mexico.   How beautiful to see Old Glory flying in the foreground of wildflowers and the majesty of  the mountains in the background.   

We are so blessed to live in America and I hope I never take that for fly those flags!

Happy Flag Day!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Sonia! Your words are very thoughtful, too.

    Happy Birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday to you. Love that first house! I am sure you are having a fantastic trip. Best wishes for the week ahead. :) Tammy

  3. Happy Birthday and my best wishes!

  4. I've come all the way from Texas to wish you a Happy Birthday and FlagDay! Love your pictures of the US Flag in New Mexico. Sarah at Hyacinths for The Soul suggested this visit, and I'm so glad I came. I see you are a Pinkie, too. I don't think I've been here on Pink Saturday, but I'll be sure and look for ya on the next list. I hope you'll stop by CollectInTexas Gal for a visit anytime, but especially today to see my FlagDay post!

  5. Happy Birthday, Sonia! Today is also my brother's birthday. I posted a National Flag Day post for today and included a note about your Flag Day post. Hope you are enjoying your birthday and resting up from your recent trip.
    Happy, Happy! ~ Sarah

  6. Happy Birthday! First time here, and it's very sweet!

  7. Happy belated Birthday Sonia ,,


  8. Gorgeous photos! Happy Birthday Sonia!
    What a wonderful day to be born on. How special is that.

    *Blessings & Smiles* ~Melissa


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