Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silver Sunday-Granny's Silver Box

Silver Sunday is here again and I've enjoyed the first two weeks so much at Gypsy Fish.  Everyone has posted some wonderful silver treasures.  

These pieces are all from my family.   I love the iced teaspoons.  They are S. Kirk and Sons Sterling from the early 1900's and the pattern is Repouse.  The flower motiff is so detailed and beautiful.

The sterling silver cigarette box was my grandmother's and is dated 1874 on the bottom.  My mother told me when I was a little girl I loved to play with it...I don't remember.. but I do love that it was my "granny's" and I store some of her keepsakes it in.  

The small seafood /appetizer forks have a pretty little pattern on them..I'm still doing research on them to see who made them and how old they are.   


I've had so much fun each Sunday looking at everyone's posts and seeing such gorgeous silver pieces and I've developed a new appreciation  for own my pieces as well.   

Happy Silver Sunday!


  1. Your pieces are so beautiful to look at and even more wonderful because they were your Granny's! I love that you keep some of her treasures in her box!

    I just might get organized enough for Silver Sunday at some point!


  2. Morning Miss Bloomer, What wonderful siver treasures. Things from our past are the best and those that belonged to love ones.


  3. I love your Grandmother's precious silver treasures. And, yes I am so enjoying Silver Sunday. I didn't realize that I had so much silver in my home until I started doing SS posts.
    The cigarette case is so lovely. Isn't it funny how times have changed with cigarettes.
    I always laugh when I watch the old movies where everybody smoked!

    Happy Silver Sunday.

  4. I love your treasures from the past! I have wonderful memories of my sister and I playing with my grandmothers things as well.
    thanks for coming!...See you next Sunday!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  5. Your silver is stunning. I love the beautiful ornate design of the teaspoons, so pretty. Everything is just gorgeous. What a thrill to have such wonderful family treasures. Hugs, Marty

  6. The spoons are very pretty and I also love those sweet forks!

    Have a wonderful Silver Sunday!

    Hugs and love,

  7. Beautiful pieces. Do you know that if you fax a copy of the pattern of your pieces to Replacements Inc...they will tell you all about your pieces.

  8. Oh! I love those seafood forks! There is something about them that seems so elegant. I just found six that have P (for Payne) on them and actually used them for our shrimp cocktails at Christmas..making eating anything feel so special. Thanks for sharing yours, they have such a beautiful motif on them! Have a great Silver Sunday

  9. You're right it is a great way to start appreciating silver again. I certainly loved seeing yours.

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  11. My mother tells me how I would play with all these valuable antiques as a child. My own daughter did the same. Isn't it true that whatever you own, even if it is old, it should be used and not stored away in a cupboard. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sonia,

    Your silver is beautiful.
    How special to have some things from your Grandmother.
    I'm always a bit envious of that.

    Thanks for coing by and leaving a comment.


    barbara jean

  13. absolutely beautiful silver... those teaspoons are magnifico! I have an affinity for silver tea spoons myself...

    hugs. Dixie

  14. oh your pieces are so lovely!!! i just love the repouse pattern.

  15. wow what a great blog! plan your trips aroound gardens, WE ARE TWINS! your pics are fab and you even have a border collie... i see napa and pg, i take it nor ca too? with you super pics, are you reader to join in food for thought?

  16. What beautiful pieces you have, ones to be cherished along with the memories they hold.. hugs ~lynne~

  17. Gorgeous silver pieces!
    Happy SS to you!

  18. I came over to thank you for visiting my fertilizer Friday post and found something here I adore....silver. How sweet to have 'granny's' treasures.

    J :)

  19. Another comment for you. Check out Jill at Gypsy Brocante for the tutorial on the blackboard trays. She posted it last Silver Sunday. Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Hey sweet girl...

    Just read the sweet note that you left for me and wanted to come over to say thank you!!! Ohhh my...and I'm so glad that I did! Of course, you know my love of silver so this was such a treat!!! I love all your beautiful pieces of silverware!!! But my, ohhh my...what a treasure! To have your grandmother's beautiful little silver very precious! Thank you so much for sharing all of your silver pretties with us...what a sweet treat, Darlin'!!!

    Have a wonderful week, Sonia!
    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  21. Wonderful collection of family those spoons and forks. I have seen the pattern on the forks but don't know the name. I am sure one of the knowledgeable readers will know the name...I have been helped a few times recently with pattern names.

  22. What beautiful treasures!!! What a great way of remembering your precious grandmother!!!



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