Thursday, December 3, 2009

Napa's Bloomers-Flaunt your Flowers

Well not much is really blooming around my garden right now..but in October me and my hubbie went to Napa and there were so many gorgeous flowers...I just had to snap a few pictures to share with my bloggie friends.   I love this purple morning glory that has climbed up a sunflower.

This is another morning glory curling round a split rail fence.

We went to the Napa Valley farmer's market and they have beautiful bouquets of sunflowers..I just love them! Such a happy flower.

Here is another fuzzier varitey ..reminds me of the teddy bear sunflower.

Hope everyone has a great Friday...especially our hostess Tootsie who is a constant source of gardening and decorating inspiration!  Make sure you check out all the posts for Flaunt your Flowers.

Hope everyone is having a blessed Christmas Season! 


  1. Napa is such a gorgeous are! We spent Thanksgiving in Petaluma with my sister and family. Everything is so lush there.
    Have a great day! *hugs*deb

  2. Great photos and I love sunflowers in shape, form or fashion...

  3. These are beautiful, the morning glory looks like 'Grandpa Otts'

  4. That does it! I'm getting some Morning Glory. 19 years ago when we first moved here I bought a package of Morning Glory seeds because they looked so beautiful. My neighbor said you don't want to plant them they will be everywhere and out of control. So I got rid of them - I was new at gardening and didn't know much. Since I started blogging and see them all the time I'm sorry I listened to her. LOL

  5. girl...looking at your post today, I almost (ALMOST) forgot that we have just gotten about 8 inches of snow that is blowing into a huge hard drift...okay drifts...and how windy it is. We finally got the first blizzard of the year. Your photos took me back to happier warmer days!
    thanks for linking in and sharing!


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