Tuesday, August 18, 2009

California Dreaming

Green Gables Inn in Pacific Grove, California

I've been daydreaming again and getting excited about our family vacation in a couple weeks. One of our favorite places to visit is Pacific Grove, California. This quaint coastal town is nestled between Monterey and Pebble Beach and is rich in beauty, wildlife, flowers and magnificent views of the mountains and Pacific Ocean. In the past we have stayed at Green Gables Inn and had a wonderful visit. It has beautiful bay and ocean views from almost every room! If you haven't visited this area consider putting on your places to visit. This inn isn't far from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Lover's Point or the Seventeen Mile Scenic drive to Pebble Beach. Carmel by the Sea is only a few miles away and is a great place to shop and have a great meal.

We stayed in one of the upstairs "green gable" rooms with a huge window seat and private bath. We opened the windows and we could hear the ocean and feel the breeze. There are no televisions so you have constant background noise of the waves!

The view from our window looked across the bay on to the Pacific Ocean....

The Victorian Parlour

The living room /parlour had the most incredible stained glass windows that flanked the fireplace. Even in July the nights were chilly and the fireplace warmed the room.

I loved this little bay window and ate my breakfast there each morning.

This is the kitchen herb garden outside the side entry between the original house and the carriage house.

The view from the front entrance of the inn looking out over Monterey Bay and Pacific Ocean.
The water is the deepest blue and turquoise I've ever seen!

The Monterey Aquarium is just down the street on Cannery Row and is a must see!

I especially love the jellyfish exhibit. These are amazing and beautiful creatures!

Monterey is full of rich ocean life and the tide pools are amazing.

Early in the morning at low tide we went exploring the tide pools. My husband remembers doing this as a child and it is great fun, a little slippery though, so wear good shoes!

I loved finding starfish and there were a variety of colors from a blue -purple...to the standout of the orange and reds. I think I found four or five live starfish on our exploration that morning.

Finally, my husband on the golf course at Pebble Beach...the next best thing to heaven for him..

Are we there yet?

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  1. What an amazing and beautiful place to vacation!! Oh, I would love to go there, too.

    Thanks for sharing such lovely photo images.

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  2. Sounds like an awesome vacation! Have fun!!

  3. Can I come!!! Sounds dreamy. Have fun!

  4. Wow such beautiful shots. Great vacation. Thanks made me remember my visit here once upon a time:).
    Great outdoor post.

  5. Can I carry your luggage? Looks like paradise to me.

  6. These are beautiful shots, especially the window with a view of the ocean. Now Ive seen Pebble Beach. I have enjoyed your post!
    My entry is here

  7. What ajust beautiful place! amazing!

    I love it!


  8. Sonia, this looks like Heaven on Earth to me! My husband and I have been trying to decide where to take our next alone trip. I'm going to show him your pictures. :)

  9. i love monterey!!! you are going to have a beautiful time, im jealous

  10. What a wonderful spot to holiday and recharge the old batteries. Your photos are wonderful and if ever I open an inn I want you to do my PR :-). It's a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos with us. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  11. It looks like a wonderful place to visit.
    I am really trying to figure out the need for a fireplace in July, though. Wow! I couldn't imagine that.

    Becky k.
    Hospitality Lane

  12. This sounds like a wonderful vacation retreat! Your photos are beautiful, I especially love the shots of the tide pools. Have a great trip! Kathy

  13. Here in Pacific Grove, a fireplace in July is a good thing to have. :-) The weather doesn't warm up until September.

    Just down the street from the Green Gables is the Grand View/Seven Gables, another really nice Victorian B&B.

    (Oh, and "Monterey" is spelled with one R, unless you're in Mexico.)

  14. Hello Dearheart...

    Ohhh my...your Green Gables Inn is magnificent, my friend! Pleeeaassee take me with you! Hehe! Will you be staying there when you vacation? I really enjoyed all of your photos...the Green Gables really is beautiful and I love the stained glass windows too! Loved seeing the little nook where you took your breakfasts...what a view! It would be difficult to leave that space and get on with the day! Hehe! The California coastline is so beautiful...unlike any others! You know I lived in South Texas for about 30 yrs...and the Gulf of Mexico beaches are so different...no rocky, cliffs! I can't believe that you've actually got to see live starfish...that would be a first for me! Do you ever find any that you get to bring home with you? Girl, it's so funny...I love going to the Aquarium too...the jelly fish always intrique me...they truly are magnificent creatures! Ohhh...love looking at the seahorses as well! Well my friend, have a marvelous trip/vacation...I can't wait for you to go and get back so you can blog all about it!

    Sonia, just wanted to thank you for coming by my "Celebration Giveaway"...and thank you for leaving me the sweetest little note and for all of your birthday and blog well wishes! I would also just like to take this time to thank you for following Happy To Design...it's been such a pleasure getting to know you!!! You're such a sweetheart and you always brighten my day with your kind and loving comments, my friend!!! You've been such a blessing to me!!!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sweetie!
    Love ya,
    PS...wishing you the very best with my book giveaway!


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