Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dreaming of a Garden Party

This is a repost of my favorite garden...and since it's sooooo hot outside I am dreaming of being back in Victoria, British Columbia where even in July it's in the 70's! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and thanks to our hostess Chari for her wonderful hospitality!

I've been dreaming of my favortie garden......and a garden party....

Butchart Gardens

It's been raining here in Oklahoma for almost 2 weeks! We are waterlogged. The sun peaked through the clouds briefly and disappeared again. I have been dreaming, scheming and planning to decorate my patio for weeks but since my patio is uncovered and the rain refuses to stop I will have to share my patio and garden progress another time.

I will however share one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited and the patio of my dreams which would be the perfect place to have a garden party.

This is the patio at the Aeire Resort in British Columbia and has a breathtaking view. On clear days you can see across to the Olympic Mountains in Washington. We spend our anniversary there and took this picture from the back patio of the Villa Cielo. It is heavenly, just like it's name- extremely quiet, beautiful , serene and at night you can see the most wonderful star constellations. We watched an eagle fly over us at breakfast in the morning.

The landscaping is exquisite with lavender, red roses, statues and a gazebo draped with yards of beautiful flowing fabric. So while I can not enjoy my own patio right now, I hope you enjoy these pictures with me of my "dream" garden party patio.

Happy Dreaming and Gardening!

Butchart Garden, Victoria British Columbia

(original post was May 5, 2009)


  1. What beautiful gardens. I enjoyed seeing these. laurie

  2. Oh, these are beautiful pics, Sonia! I've also been to Butchart gardens many years ago & it was just amazing. We've had some rain here too the last few days, but sounds like ya'll are just drowning. Thanks for sharing your fave pics with us. They are gorgeous!

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous!! I would love to visit that garden! I bet you can get tons of inspiration from there!! :)

  4. Miss Bloomers.. Wow Aeire Resort is Gorgis! Sorry you had the rain foil your plans for showing us your garden .. hopefully we can all see yours soon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sonia, thank you for taking me out of the rainy doldrums. I've been to several places in Canada but never there. It's beautiful.

    Aren't you just about to lose your mind? I so desperately need a little sun!!

  6. Sonia, you have the prettiest blog I have ever read - seriously! Oh yes, the pictures are lovely also!

    Will you please stop by my new blog for a quick visit? I'm just getting started, and need lots and lots of new friends (and comments)!

    Have a blessed day!

  7. * SONIA, these spaces are incredibly STUNNING~~~ they're so magnificently beautiful that I'm ALMOST speecheless!!! How BLESSED you are to have spent time there with your beloved!!! (And your photo of the breakfast table outside made me melt!!!!!!!)... MANY THANKS for SHARING! Linda in AZ*

  8. Hi Sonia...

    My friend...what a fabulous place to visit!!! I've never heard of the Aeire Resort in British Columbia...Ohhh, how I'd love to go there!!! The view is simply divine and that beautiful patio..Ohhhh myyyy!!! Yep, I could certainly just sit there for hours and take it all in!!! It really is a place that dreams are made of!!! The gardens are just gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!!!

    Also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Cinco de Mayo tablescape!!! How fun and festive, my friend!!! I love your dishes...they're absolutely perfect for fiesta!!! They look stunning with that bright and colorful tablecloth!!! Beautiful!!!

    So sorry that your weather hasn't been cooperating with you so could post your patio for the party! It's been the same way here in Colorado...rainy, drizzly days! I'm not complaining though...we have really needed the moisture! Everything is finally starting to green's so nice!!! It's been a long, cold winter this year!!!

    Thank you so much for coming by and taking a peek at My Mother's Day just made my day with your sweet comments!!!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day, my friend!!!

  9. Beautiful area. I have been to B. C. once when we were living in Seattle. It is beautiful in the Northwest. Thanks for sharing, I adore the garden pics.

  10. I know how you feel! I'm waterlogged here in France too! I only seem to see sunshine on other people's blogs!

  11. Hi I don't think this is your Pink Saturday place to post... but it does have a lovely pink flower on the top, so it still fits! Lovely post, xJ

  12. Hi Sonia...

    Ohhh my...calgon take me away! Or guess I should say Aerie Resort take me away!!! What a fabulous place...oh yes, I could lounge there!!! I just love the photos! Also love all of the photos of your favortie garden too!!! Such beauty!!! Can you imagine the work that goes into taking care of those gardens??? Ohhhh myyy!!!

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful places with us for Sunday Favorites, my friend!!!

    Have a super Sunday!

  13. Sonia, beautiful photos! We visited Victoria, BC in June and I can see why you miss it so much. It's a beautiful place and I was so impressed with all the lovely flowers.

  14. What gorgeous gardens and fantastic views!

  15. Hi Sonia! Just coming by to check on you. BTW, my next door neighbors went on an Alaskan cruise last week. They stopped at the Butchart gardens on the drive. They loved it!

  16. wow, what beautiful photos, I'd love to go there, so dreamy :)


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