Thursday, January 7, 2010

Window Box Shopping in Napa Valley-Fertilizer Friday

Thanks to Tootsie for being our hostess on this frigid Friday.  I have nothing that is alive outside blooming right now but will share more of my pictures from a recent trip to Napa Valley this past fall.  

                     Great shop in St. Helena
 I love shopping in Napa Valley, not just because of the wonderful shops and beautiful items to buy, but I love the window boxes and landscaping along the streets and storefronts.   The climate is perfect for growing anything!   

I love the bold colors in this fabulous window box.  The black box is so elegant with the medallions and all the vibrant hot colors just pop out.  

Here is another view...makes me feel the warmth of the sun!  It's only 4 degrees in Oklahoma tonight!

Hope everyone stays safe and warm.


  1. Hi Sonia! I'm freezing even in the house. Can you believe how cold it is?

    Thanks for the beautiful shots of warmth. Hope you are doing well. :)

  2. I love that window box. The black color makes the colors even more vibrant. Thank you for posting.

  3. Love the black window box. I can just feel the sunshine on my skin in that picture. Woo..I wish it would warm up here in OK.

  4. HI Sonia, I love window boxes. These are real pretty - the green and white ones in the first photo is so delicate looking. The colourful one is fun with the ornamental cabbage (?) in the middle.

  5. it's cold here tooo...but it is supposed to warm up to about four degrees above freezing tomorrow!!! yeah!!! the melt will make an even bigger mess of the side streets that are still full of the snow!! lol least it will feel warm!!!
    I love the photos...those boxes of flowers are wonderful! thanks for sharing and joining me this weekend!

  6. 4 degrees? My stars, I'll stop complaining!! I love these window boxes, makes you want to visit the inside of the stores!!

  7. Beautiful! I thought it was cold her...but never mind! LOL!!!

  8. How pretty! I've only been to Napa once in the Winter so didn't get to experience the beauty you saw.
    Stay warm!

  9. Beautiful. At least we can satisfy our garden longing through others. Thanks to the internet.


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