Saturday, January 9, 2010

Silver Sunday-Found Treasures

What fun I have had with Silver Sunday!  I have learned about the history of some the pieces I have (thanks to my son who was able to identify markings) and I found a few new pieces in an antique shop that complimented my collection.

Antique shop finds

I even got so inspired I changed out my decor on the side table featuring silver in my dining room after removing Christmas decorations.  

I found this tiny little spoon in my mil's collection, maybe it is for sprinkling salt?? I have no idea,  so I bought  a tiny cloche to display it in so I could enjoy it.  I tucked in some special acorns I collected in Sonoma Valley from a very old olive orchard, a bird feather and some eggs.   

I love this covered butter dish...I don't think it is very old but I like how ornate it is.

Finally this long handled spoon's history  was a big surprise to us.  After an intensive search on the internet my son identified this spoon as being from England in the 18th century.  The sterling silver markings actually matched with earlier pieces from the 17th century but he found this style of spoon with this family crest was also produced a century later. So we really think it's about  150-200 years old!

We were so suprised because it just looks like an everyday ordinary serving spoon, although it is very heavy.   I'm glad I didn't  leave this  for the estate sale! 

A closer view of the family crest on the handle

So check those silver drawers never know what found treasures you may have!

Happy Silver Sunday!


  1. What lovely treasures you have. I had better get on the ball and start doing my research.

  2. You have a real treasure there with that spoon!! What a happy surprise that must have been to find out the history of it and how old it actually is. You can imagine so many things when you look at it!!

    Happy Silver Sunday! :-)


  3. Not only is your silver beautiful but interesting too. I love the spoon vignette in the cloche.

  4. Beautiful silver makes me happy also.

  5. Hi Sonia!

    Oh, such pretty silver to show! Love all of it!

    Happy silver Sunday!

  6. What a just inspired me to dig out my servig pieces..and check the hallmarks.
    See You Next Sunday......
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  7. Exquisite silver vignette you've created on the side table ... love it!

  8. Great pictures of your wonderful silver. I love the butter dish...and the sweet salt spoon. Those are hard to find...

  9. Don't you just love finding treasures that you didn't realize that you had!!! Thanks for sharing. I love the sideboard.

  10. Love your butter dish, gorgeous piece. That serving spoon is a beautiful piece, it's a keeper!


  11. What great pieces you have! I love the way you've showcased them! Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you for stopping by. That tiny cloche is adorable.
    Good thing you have resourceful son that found out about that spoon....lucky you!

  13. Sonia,
    Guess a whole lot of us will be digging in our drawers! I love the spoon from England, what a great find. Thanks for sharing
    Have a great SS

  14. Lovely. I really like the grouping you did under the glass - very effective.

  15. What a lovely Silver post..You have some beautiful pieces...I love how you are finding out the history of some of your treasured great is that to be able to share the story behind it with your loved ones and us :) I was wondering where you got the tiny cloche with pedestal...I have been looking for a small one forever to display one if my Ita's (grandma)trasures that I have been so lucky to have. Can't wait to see what beauties you share next week. Besos, Rose

  16. All your lovely silver pieces! And that you even looked up more information about them...Wow! I love your acorns the best. (Sorry, I have a thing for acorns.) Hope you'll visit Brynwood, too! Happy Silver Sunday.

  17. what an amazing find that spoon was! i love all your pieces!

  18. I just love the way you have displayed all of your silver and the cloche with little things is so sweet.
    That's amazing the spoon could be 200 years old. Can't you just imagine the many hands it has touched and who they might have been????
    Lovely Silver Sunday post.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my Silver Sunday post. I so appreciate it.


  19. Your silver pieces are really pretty and I loved hearing the history behind them!

    The cloches were great as well! :) ~Rhonda

  20. How fun to learn more about your treasures, I have been doing the same. Love your little spoon display.TFS Happy Silver Sunday!

  21. Hi Sonia, I have GOT to get organized so I can show my silver! Since I only finished taking down the last of my 7 of my trees and vignettes yesterday, I have all my holiday decoration boxes piled everywhere and no place to showcase the silver. LOL Chaos reigns supreme in this household!
    I love your antique spoon and the salt spoon in the cloche. Wow. What great finds. I went back to your first post- and sure enough- there I was! How amazing blogging can be, isn't it? Will be back again to check on you. Thanks for signing up to follow.
    ~ Sue

  22. Beautiful silver with so much detail! Thanks for sharing. ~ Angela


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