Sunday, May 21, 2017

Williamsburg Garden

Our trip to Williamsburg and Washington D.C. was exciting!
I loved seeing Colonial Williamsburg and of course the gardens and flower combinations were my 

I fell in love with this pink garden behind a picket fence.  The gladiolas were striking and I am adding this variety to my own garden next year.  

A limited color palate makes such a statement with 
shades of pink and white flowers. 

The garden was relatively small but generously planted.

The variety is 'Gladiolus palustris' and I can't wait 
to give them a try.  

Wisteria was growing along one side of the 
garden and smelled wonderful!

Beautiful potted foxgloves lined the sidewalks 
in Merchant Square.  I would love to revisit Williamsburg when we have more time but I think a fall trip would be lovely for the amount of time spent outdoors.   

Seems I'm attracted to pink and white! 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Garden Walk

Spring is "blooming" everyday in my garden.  
I love taking a garden walk early in the morning  with a cup of coffee.  (sometimes in my p.j.s)  
This is the view from my bathroom window as I get ready for the day.   The garden just calls out to me!  

Window boxes make me happy and each year I try a different combination of my favorite plants.
This year a fushcia is center stage,  pink and white begonias are on either side and sweet potato vines at each end to trail over the side. 

This french wire basket is on my boston ivy wall and is filled with geraniums and petunias.  The ivy has grown like crazy and I have to keep clipping it back so it doesn't 
take over the baskets.  

My pollinator garden has already been visited 
by Monarchs that laid eggs on my milkweed.  I'm so pleased that my little plot has baby caterpillars already.   I hope they make it through the complete metamorphosis without birds or insects 
preying on them. 

 Crossed fingers!

The 'Grosso' lavender plot I planted last spring has made it nicely through the winter.  The plants  already have buds forming in April! 

The iris border is in full bloom now and is so pretty.

This is a rose I purchased in Tyler, Texas last year.  It's called Summer Romance and the petal count is 75 with a wonderful fragance.  Can't wait until it grows a little more so I can start cutting the blooms! 

I've been busy planting annuals in the garden and in patio pots.  Planting in pots is so easy and allows me to move them around  and change out plants seasonally.  I love using hummingbird favorites in each pot to entice them close to the house so we can enjoy watching them.  The above planter contains red 'Salvia Greggi' ,  petunias,  basil, dusty miller, red salvia, marigold and johnny jump ups.   We haven't seen any hummers yet but we are ready for their arrival.  

I love this picture of red anemones with my dog Gigi smelling the flowers! 

Hope you are enjoying the outdoors.
I'm excited to be vacationing next week  in Williamsburg, Virginia and Washington D.C. 

Can't wait to share pictures of
 Colonial Williamsburg's gardens  and the
 Smithsonian Gardens in D.C.
They have included a large display pollinator garden
 and I want to get ideas for companion plants. 

We will be taking a tour of the White House and I've been told the Rose Garden is included!   

Did I say I was excited?  
Hope to have lots to share when I get back!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Fever

This time of year I'm just itching to get in the garden and plant flowers!  April 15st is our last frost date in Oklahoma City so I have at least three weeks before it's "safe". 

Late frosts are common here so I do try to resist the urge to plant outside but I do start planting hardy annuals in pots in March. 

Forsythias, geraniums, stock and lettuce look great in a pot together.  They are easily moved in the garage or covered up to protect from the cold. 

While I'm waiting I love to go back and look at my garden pictures and remind myself what worked or didn't in the past growing season.

I have tried and steady plants that I always go back to each planting season because they do so well.   Lady in red salvia is one of all time favorites.  This drought tolerant plant can take heat and blooms all summer long and is a hummingbird magnet. 

Impatiens,  johnny jumpups, moneywort and  
stargazer lilies  are planted
 in one pot and give me color throughout the season.  

Patio pots filled with herbs and annuals. 

Window boxes planted with moneywort, impatiens and sweet potato vine in the shade 

and geraniums, moneywort, lantana and
 verbena in the sun. 

This week my daffodils are blooming along with my 
tulip magnolia tree.  

 I can hardly wait until April 15th!  Yes, I've got 
Spring Fever!

What are you planting in your garden this year?

Happy Spring!

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bayview Arbor

We are sitting at home with an ice storm outside.
 Christmas is behind us,  the tree is down and back
  in the attic and I'm yearning for 
Spring already! 
One of my favorite things to do on a winter's weekend is
 to revisit our vacation destinations
 through our photos.  It's an escape from the cold dreary days that seem to linger in January and February and reminds of  the places we love.

Our visit to Whidbey Island in Washington  included
  a stop at  the well known Laburnum Arbor
 in the Bayview Farm and Garden Center.

I've seen photographs of the arbor in garden calendars,   books and magazines and thought it must be in a large botanical garden somewhere.  When vacation planning I discovered the arbor was growing in the middle of a retail garden center outside a charming town we would be visting.   

We hope to revisit again when the laburnum is in full bloom but here is a picture of my hubbie under the 
arbor in July.  The laburnum also known as 
'Golden Chain Tree' blooms in the spring.  The trees have been trained onto an arch support.  When looking at the photos I originially thought these were prolific vines.    

 I would love to be a loyal customer if we lived nearby.  
The selection and quality of their plants was impressive.  The staff was so helpful and knowledgeable, even giving me advice for my garden in Oklahoma. 

I'm a hydrangea lover and wish I could easily
 get these varieties at home.
This is 'Bobo'

The panicle hydrangeas are stunning!

The Flower House Cafe within the  garden center 
 serves homemade soups, sandwiches and 
wonderful coffees.   

The garden center was a delight to visit in July with so many beautiful flowers and plants in bloom. 

The dahlias were huge and throughout Whidbey Island I noticed dahlias growing in gardens and in bouquets for sale at farm stands.


Hope you enjoyed the armchair tour of Bayview on Whidbey Island.  The area is beautiful with so much to do and see. 
 It's so worth the journey!

 Peace out and stay warm and safe!