Friday, May 1, 2009

Sunday Favorites: Stargazing in Oklahoma

Thanks again Chari for hosting Sunday Favorites-such a fun and easy idea! I'm new to the blog world and don't have many posts yet but I will share a repost from last month. Thanks Chari for all your encouragment and kind words. You are the most gracious hostess. Here's my repost from April...hope you enjoy!

Anyone who knows me very well knows my favorite flower is the Stargazer Lily. My husband gave me my first potted Stargazer almost 20 years ago and he bought it at a grocery store flower department. I had never seen this variety of lily and I thought it was so tropical and exotic looking -it was love at first sight!

When it finished blooming I almost tossed it out until I noticed the care tag and the instructions said this lily could be potted outdoors as a perennial. I never expected it to live, but I planted it anyway ( just in case) and to my delight my grocery store lily not only came back but bloomed the following year. I was hooked! I now have them throughout my flower beds and in Oklahoma they bloom around the Fourth of July. We enjoy them so much and they are fantastic in a vase-just remember to cut the pollen off as each flower blooms if you bring them indoors. The aroma is strong so beware if you are allergic. They are reliable easy care lilies. You'll find us out in our garden on any given evening in July just "stargazing" !

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone....Miss Bloomers


  1. Hi Sonia...

    So happy that you decided to join in with all the fun of "Sunday Favorites"!!!

    Ohhh my...your "Stargazer" Lily is just gorgeous!!! I love the white and pink...such vibrant colors!!! I'm in the northeast corner of Colorado and I bet I could grow them here! I do think they would make the most beautiful arrangements!!! Thanks for sharing your beauties!!!

    Happy Sunday Favorites...warmest wishes,

  2. So pretty. I love lilies of any kind. Can't do daylilies because the deer eat them. Maybe they would leave these alone because of the smell.

  3. WOW, Its just beautiful...and good for you
    reading instructions....That worked out great!
    The rest of your yard is Fabulous too. Have a great weekend. ~Athella

  4. Oh I also love Stargazer Lily's. They are just so gorgeous. We live in the desert, so needless to say I can't grow them in the yard, but occassionally I do get one for the house. Your yard must be stunning. Thanks so much for stopping by my Kit. Redo and leaving such kind and gracious remarks. I really appreciate it and I am thrilled that I found your blog. I signed as a follower and I look forward to more of your wonderful posts. Hugs, Marty

  5. I love those Stargazers, too. They really are the showy ladies in the garden. I'm glad you reposted this I missed it the first time around. ~ Robyn

  6. The scent is unbelievable. I had a house full one time due to a florist van that was left in our storage lot after an accident a few days before Easter many years ago. They couldn't pick them up so they told my husband to take them home.
    We almost choked from the all the perfume (I'm talking about 15 of the plants) and finally had to put them outside where they looked great from afar. I still love them though and have them throughout the garden.

  7. Beautiful! One of my favorites and NOTHING smells any better! Thanks!

  8. I can see why your hooked! It really has such an exotic flair!

  9. Just beautiful...I had them but my deers liked them I guess more than me ha ha!! thanks for sharing...May you have a blessed Sunday...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps love your music

  10. What beautiful flowers! I can see why you adore them as you do. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  11. MMMMMMMMMMM..........yum! I love Stargazer Lilies......Aren't you the lucky girl! How wonderful that they came back for you. I generally don't have much luck with re-planting.


  12. Beautiful lilies! I'm glad you reposted this! I just repotted a deep purplish pink Asiatic Lily and an Easter Lily. I hope I have the same good luck as you!

  13. Sonia, I didn't realize you were in Oklahoma! Me too. We live in Edmond. Your lilies are gorgeous and I know they smell wonderful.


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