Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bright Little Spaces

I love bright spaces and each time 
I redecorate a space in our older home I bring in 
more light, minimize window treatments 
and keep wall colors light but warm.  

The previous owner loved dark and intense colors which made the spaces too dark for my taste. 
We have stripped  lots of outdated wallpaper over the years and painted walls with soft neutrals and muted yellows.  

 I love the  french country style and colors of yellows, blues and vibrant reds.  Two of my favorite tablescape creations were a blue and yellow breakfast table and a lavender tea table in the garden.   This year I'm going to incorporate more provencal patterns and style into 
my home and garden.
I decided to redo my desk area in the kitchen first.  It's a built- in and  not a big space but I spend lots of time there writing, answering emails and visiting my favorite blogs. 
  ( Not to mention pinning on Pinterest) I start my day here with a quiet time and wanted to make it an inviting and a pretty place to have my first cup of coffee or tea.     

I needed a small lamp to brighten the corner of my desk so off I went to my favorite antique
 markets.  I found the perfect little lamp for
 only $ 8 dollars with a soft white shade.   

Back at home I cleared off my desktop of way too many papers and books.   My resolution is to keep papers and books filed away and organized in the desk cabinets.     My next organizing project will be to clean out the cabinets above my desk and all the decorating always gets me in the mood to organize.  

I pulled out one of my favorite placemats purchased  in Carmel -by -the Sea  and added my new lamp.
Finding the right size lamp took me awhile but I'm pleased with the size, style and the amount of light it gives the space!    

Computer, speaker and phone cords are so unsightly so I conceal them with greenery whenever possible.   When we purchased my new computer I  had my husband drill through the wall and place all the ugly computer stuff ( like the printer) in the pantry on a shelf.   He thought I was nuts but it looks so much better!  There wasn't much room  for a printer on my desk anyway and now I 
have a small space to decorate.  

I'm pleased with my new space and will probably tweak it here and there ...but it's a bright little space to start my day.



  1. I think your newly decorated space is lovely! I agree with you, an inviting area to start the day is a good idea. I love what you've done and can't believe you found that lamp for only $8. Enjoy your blogging and pinning there =]

    Have a wonderful week~

  2. Your desk area is so pretty! Love the placemat you've used under your mouse.

    My desk area tends to be the landing spot for everything I don't want to deal with. Bad habit!!

  3. I love that you have a space to call your own! And you've made it look so pretty. I know you will keep it organized now that it is such a pleasure to work at. I call my kitchen table my desk. When someone comes in I say, "Welcome to my office!"


  4. Looks like a cheerful place to start the day. It's always nice to have a spot to call your own. I find that with my laptop I rarely use my office space. Mostly you'll find me sitting in the living room along side my husband, but my laptop is on my lap. '-)

  5. I enjoyed my visit to your blog!

  6. Very pretty! You should see the pretty yellow flower plates we got in at Pier 1. I think you'd really love them....kind of yellow toile!

  7. You have just inspired me to cozy up my desk space! I love the look of the lamp and the placemat. So sweet!

  8. Your desk space looks lovely and warm. I love your both teapots and yes, French country is lovely with blues and yellows; I'd love to see how you pregress with the style throughout this new year. Wish I had an idea for change, but I guess I'm continuing my English style decor and eclectic at times, too.
    Thanks for your sweet visit.

  9. Your workspace is cheerful, Sonia. I like the orange placemat with your lamp. I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of your pretty blue and yellow tablescape again. Can't wait to have daffodils blooming again!


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