Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Undecking the Halls

I can't believe the 2011 holidays are over and it's time to put everything away for another year.  I am forever on a re-organization kick and as I am packing things away I try to re-organize them a little neater than they were last year and hopefully put away a little less.  

I do however,  I have a weakness for dishes and beautiful table linens and as my collection seems to grow  I want them to be organized so I can 
find them easily.  I found this link on the Southern Living website with great ideas for linen storage!


In in effort to be more organized I decided to go on the hunt for a small piece that would fit neatly into a space in my foyer under the staircase to hold part of my collection.  This area is next to the formal dining room and I wanted something to hold Christmas linens and flatware.  One trip to my favorite antique/craft mall and I found this wonderful refinished piece.  Best of all it was on sale!

The colors are perfect with the oriental rug and my old 90's wallpaper!  LOL..someday we are going to get it all stripped and repaint...although I have been seeing wallpaper make a comeback.  

I love the skinny  drawers and how neatly
 my placemats fit!

Well this is just a quick post as I still have much
 to organize and put away!  If you already have all your decorations down then I applaud you.
  I'm almost there!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Nice chest and the organizing seems to be grained into my nature also.
    Christmas is put away with a box ready for the garage sale in the spring...
    keep up the good work, great linen drawer!
    Hugs, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. I love the chest of drawers. You are right the drawers are perfect for linens. I have things boxed up but have to get them to the attic. Here's hoping......Blessings!

  3. I also like to try to organize my christmas decorations a little better each year. I am still in the process of putting Christmas away, slowly but surely it will get done. Love the chest. I would love to know your favorite craft/antique shop!

  4. Pretty and useful! I NEED to organize! I hope your 1012 is off to a great start! Happy Saturday...hugs...Debbie

  5. I like it!! We have a chest of drawers in our entry that is full of various kitchen goodies. It's so handy to have.

    Which antique mall is our favorite?

  6. So wonderful that you are well on your way to having it all away and in an organized fashion. I love Christmas, but there is something peaceful about having it all away. I'm not quite there.

    I'd love to have you and your inspirational post join me at Seasonal Sundays. Seems we're all trying to put it away!

    - The Tablescaper


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