Saturday, February 6, 2016

Butchart Gardens Quarry Garden

Butchart Gardens has one of the most photographed garden rooms in the world.
The old rock quarry was turned into a place of beauty with stunning color and plant combinations.  I took dozens of pictures when we visited but will only share some of 
my favorites. 

Thankfully most of the plants they grow there will also grow in my climate.  Many of my color and plant choices are inspired by the mass plantings on display at Butchart.

Enjoy the photographs-they speak for themselves!

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  1. Dear Sonia:
    These photos are just breathtaking. This place truly is a paradise. I have never been there but heard about it. I wonder if people pull seeds as they walk around. It would be hard not to. I would love to have you link this Monday to my blog party!

  2. I can only imagine how beautiful this was in person...your pictures are stunning!



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