Sunday, May 18, 2014

Almost France

Our recent trip to California took us along the Pacific Coast Highway down to Avila Beach and just a few miles from San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach.   We stayed in a condo overlooking the ocean at Avila and on this day trip we decided to explore downtown San Luis Obispo and have lunch at the Splash Cafe.    There are several locations of the Splash Cafe and we highly recommend the clam chowder...pure heaven in a bowl!

It was serendipity to find the cutest inn right 
next door to the cafe. 
The inn looked liked it belonged in the 
countryside of Provence.  

After lunch we walked next door so I could take a closer look and get a few pictures of Petit Soleil.   

The enormous gate looked old and heavy and 

 I loved everything about the exterior especially 
the window boxes full of geraniums. 

More window box love....

Oh how I wished I could fit one of those babies in
 my suitcase!

I love the vibrant Provencal colors. 

The courtyard had an old bicycle and beautiful 
potted plants.  

A flower cart filled with pots.

 Parked right out front was the inn's shuttle bus. 

What a fun ride...when I was a teenager my Dad bought a VW mini-bus and our family thought we were so cool!  I still remember the sound it made.   

I did check out the website and the rooms are lovely and the prices seem quite reasonable.  

Clam Chowder with crab and shrimp topping...oh my! 

If you are in the area the Splash Cafe is very addictive and hands down the best clam chowder I've ever had.  The bonus
 is right next door you're 
almost in France!

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  1. You make me long for a trip to the CA coast. The Petit Soleil looks charming. Thanks for sharing more of your fab trip.

  2. Beautiful! Your trips are just amazing. You could be a travel agent, you know.

  3. Hi Sonia,

    Ooo, what a terrific spot you've found! How I'd love to walk through that BLUE door and gaze out that BLUE window box! (Someone surely has a green thumb.)

    But the photo that GRABBED me was the chowder. (I am a lover of seafood--especially crab.) Thanks for sharing today.

    Happy 1st Blue Monday!

  4. what a darling hotel! we are planning on building a new home one day, this is the look i want, i will be pinning away for my future!

  5. Oh I do love this area of California too. Everything is so pretty and the flowers are always fabulous. I lived there for years, so it always makes me a little homesick to see all the pretty pics.

  6. I think that my next house must have a splash of the Provencal blue in those windows and doors! Thanks for the lovely trip around San Luis Obispo - a place I love. I'm glad to have found you at Blue Monday.

  7. Everything about this is exquisite!!!! It does look like France, the window boxes speak to me too. The blues are so vivid.

  8. Very pretty Sonia! Love the inn's colors and cobblestone!

  9. Oh I bet you absolutely loved this. It looks like a magical place that anyone would love. So charming. I love the courtyard and the pics with the ivy growing along the walls. It's just so pretty!

  10. Wow, I would eat every inch up of that place! I love all the different flowers and plants and containers- what a lovely spot!

  11. What a beautiful place, Sonia! A great vacation for sure!


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