Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wishing for Spring!

We had thundersleet last night!  Really it was quite something to hear thunder and ice pellets hitting the windows all night.  I'm not really complaining because we so need the moisture but it was a little weird!

I am so ready for spring as so many of my fellow gardeners are.  Another year to plant, replace and build in the garden is exciting.  

Don't we all love Pinterest on a snow day!   Such a great place to share and save ideas and get inspired!  

I love garden sheds and greenhouses.
I have several on my wishlist and have collected all my favorites on Pinterest.

So I'm counting the days till flowers are blooming and I can get my hands out in the dirt...but in the meantime we are taking a little trip through the Ozarks for some rest and relaxation after six weeks of refurbishing our rental we are a little weary but glad it's completed and rented again. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I'm with you! I thought spring was here last week and came winter again. But that's's not far away. I worked today and and yesterday and I had so many people come in and buy stuff for outside...people are getting ready and it's already spring and summer in our store. We have all the outdoor furniture out and cushions. Lots of new styles of outdoor cushions this year. You must come see.

  2. Enjoy your trip. We didn't get much rain here and fortunately no sleet or snow. It's like spring around here and I'm definitely out in the garden. '-)
    I'd love a garden shed, but no place for one.

  3. I know how much gardening means to you so for your sake, I hope spring comes soon. We are expecting snow so we'll see what we have when we wake up tomorrow!

    Have a safe fun trip! :)


  4. I know you are tired of winter. February can be so long! My teacher friends were so happy for a snow day though. :)

    Have fun in the Ozarks. It is so beautiful through there!

  5. Hi, Sonia! Hope you're enjoying your time in the Ozarks. Love all these beautiful images you've posted. Especially the last one. Reminds me of my growning up years! :)

  6. Enjoy your trip and by the time you get back hopefully spring will be on the way! I am looking forward to digging in the dirt also.



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