Monday, December 3, 2012

Playing with Mud Pie

Mud Pie makes me think of  my childhood, that sinfully delicious chocolate desert, adorable baby clothes and my favorite dishes of all time!

I'm been gathering and playing with my Mud Pie holiday dishes
 and planning a tablescape which I 
finally finished.

The hospital gift shop where I worked as a nurse until my recent retirement, stocked a line of Mud Pie baby clothes.  Thank goodness my kids were grown or I wouldn't have brought home a paycheck!  

When the gift shop eventually started stocking Mud Pie serving pieces
 and the Christmas collection and I knew I was a goner!


The vibrant colors and fun graphics along with the three dimensional designs just melted my heart.   I was hooked!!  I started with a few pieces and ornaments and then the gift shop announced they were closing and everything was 50% to 80% off 
for employees!!  
You would have thought someone gave me a winning Powerball ticket!  

Santa Ornament

 I was able to purchase two of the black and white desert/cheese plates and the adorable loaf  pans...


and Merry.

The large mugs also found their way into my shopping bag as well.


Oh and lest I forget this adorable picture frame 

and these cute Halloween bowls.

  Oops... and this sea turtle cheese server that I purchased for me and my best friend who adores sea turtles. 

Who could really fault me for falling in love with such an adorable collection?   Especially since I purchased most of the collection for at least 50% off !

Snowman Ornament

I have bought some darling Mud Pie baby gifts for friends as 
Mud Pie has the cutest baby clothes I've ever seen!  

No I'm not a spokesperson for Mud Pie nor have I received any money or products from them...(although I'd be happy to take some off their hands) I just adore their products.

Each year they introduce new holiday pieces that are fun and festive!   Even though last year's pieces aren't available...the new pieces coordinate nicely from year to year and can be easily mixed and matched. 

 I love that because I mix patterns and plates all the time to get new looks!   I layered the black and white desert plates on my green majolica
and red chargers from Portugal.

This year since the hospital gift shop is no longer open I had to find another Mud Pie source.   Thankfully our local stationery shop,  Paper 'N More in Oklahoma City carries a large selection!  Here's  a photo of the gift department and their Mud Pie display!

I used great restraint and purchased two mugs that coordinate with my desert plates from last year's collection.

  Rudolf and Santa!

I also chose one of the new 
cookie plates with a black and white fluted edge.  
I wanted two more of the black
 and white checked desert plates but 
they were unavailable.  Maybe I can find them on ebay.

Many of you have inquired where to find the collection and online is probably your best bet.  Mud Pie has a great website!  A good number of  hospital and fine gift shops carry the collection so you may have to make a few phone calls to find them in 
your area.   

So finally I set my table for two at our breakfast table and added my favorite teapot "Mrs. Potts".

I used the placemats and napkins I purchased back in February while in Carmel and added a simple silver napkin ring.  

Mud Pie brings out the kid in me and I love playing with such pretty colorful dishes and adding them into the mix with things I 've had for years.   I can't wait to share this table with my best friend!

Topiary in a Mug

Merry Christmas and I hope you find time to be a kid again during the holiday season and do something you love!   Remember to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with your family and friends!

Glory to the Newborn King!

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  1. You are definitely a mudpie gal!!! I have a few ornaments..two, I have had for many many years... and a snowman head much like yours that was given to me last year as a gift...You always make a table rock! Yes, indeed, Glory to our King! Blessings!

  2. wow. now this is Holiday Adorable.. love it all- so festive and happy.

  3. What a delightful table, Sonia! Just looking at it made me smile. You made me want some of these dishes, and I have NO room for more dishes. If I ever get rid of a set though, I'm looking for these. laurie

  4. Oh my goodness but these items by Mud Pie are just amazing! I've never heard of this company. Such whimsy... They kinda have a Mackenzie Phillips look to them- and I love that line! Don't own any, but I like to look at everyone else's pretties. Ya better watch out, Laurie may be looking for the line. LOL She has an awesome collection of stuff in her dish room. :-) Thanks for stopping by for a visit, Sonia. I appreciate it during these crazy busy times. I've gotten so lax in my own visits to blogland. Take care and enjoy a wonderful holiday season! Sue

  5. Your dishes are adorable, Sonia, especially the black and white checked plates and the mugs. I enjoyed seeing your table and your goodies!

  6. Hi Sonia,

    I can see why you're so attracted to these dishes. They are fun, festive and so versatile as you've shown in your fabulous tablesetting. The ornaments look so cute on the plates. Very cheerful and inviting!


  7. Hi, Sonia! How cute! Love the look of these adorable dishes and what a great deal to get a lot of them at 50% off as well!

  8. Your table and al of your pieces are so perfect! I've admired those before and have one or two pieces. How neat that you got it for a great price.

    Speaking of hospital gift stores - the Mercy Hospital gift store is pretty amazing. :)

  9. Sonia, I fell in love with these whimsical dishes the first time you shared them. I've considered adding some of these. ;-)
    I know you have fun using these darling dishes. They are totally charming! ~ Sarah

  10. What a great deal you got when the gift shop closed!!! I know you were doin' a little dance and raisin' the roof!!! I know I would have been!!! You got some really adorable pieces, and you have set a really darling table with them. I really love your newest acquisitions, the mugs! Fun table!

  11. Oh Sonia, this is the cutest tablescape I have ever seen. The dishes are so adorable, so full of whimsy and so much fun. Thanks for sharing them...Christine

  12. What an amazing and adorable collection! I felt like a kid again just looking at them!

  13. Super cute!! Right up my alley, this is so my style! I have 1 lonely mud pie mug, and it is always the first one chosen out of the cupboard...usually hubbie grabs it, and I never get to use it! I am going to google mud pie and see if there's a store near me, I have serious mud pie envy of all your cute stuff!
    Merry Merry!

  14. Sonia, that is one of the Merriest Christmas tables I have seen! I love the brightness of the dishes...makes one want to smile.

  15. I love Mud Pie!! Glad you were able to get some deals because it is not cheap!! But sooo cute. I love the cheerfulness of it. Your table looks very Merry!

  16. Oh my Sonia!!! What an incredible collection you have here it's stunning! All the whimsy & color, I wouldn't be able to put them away. Again your styling is magazine quality. When you say mudpie I instantly think of chocolate. :) Okay another story.
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  17. OMG, how did you limit yourself to just those few pieces. this collection is adorable.. I just love it. Totally, the vibrant colors, the fun in the designs.. and your table is where I'd love to sit with you and chat.. it's fabulous.. love every detail.. xo marlis

  18. So cute. what a festive and bright tablescape. Hard to not smile! Thanks for sharing and happy holidays, liz

  19. Love your Mud Pie collection! So cute and full of festiveness!

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  20. This is all just wonderful! I always smile when I see your Mrs. Potts tea pot. We stayed at the Inn at the Biltmore Estate...on the grounds. It's a beautiful 4-Star hotel with a 5-Star restaurant. I highly recommend it. As a guest at the hotel, you automatically have free access to the mansion and all other sites on the estate. Even if you don't stay there, you should go to the hotel and have a drink sitting on the amazing balcony overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. Merry Christmas preparations! Cherry Kay

  21. When I saw the words mud pie, I immediately thought of dessert! What a surprise to see that it referred to your adorable dishes which cannot help but make you smile.

  22. I love this fun table! The dishes are great and the other accessories just top it off!

  23. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful collection. Have a great week. Blessings, Dani

  24. Your table is precious! Thanks for sharing your collection. I am a Mud Pie fan myself.


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